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  1. Starving Stat bias is a beautiful thing.
  2. Albeit a different position but Scooter Gennett is an interesting comp for him vis a vis ADP
  3. That’s still in the range he’s been. Good value, but without massive power and any speed, he’s got to hit over 300 to truly payout
  4. Hope it’s not a hamate. Certainly seems like that.
  5. That’s perfectly fine. Half those mid round buzzy guys’ upside Skaggs already proved he can do,
  6. Mostly agree. Interesting that his ADP started around 250 which was criminally low. Then crept up to 180 once people caught on to the injury reason for the performance drop. Still too low. Now back up to 230-250 though that was because of the current forearm scare. He had a breakthrough last year with almost all aspect of pitching, but especially with confidence in throwing his breaking pitches and location. Narrative-wise, no current Angel hated—and I mean hated — Scioscia more than Skaggs. Ausmus will not baby him. He’ll get his innings if heathy If healthy...
  7. If Josh Hader somehow became the “closer,” where would you draft him? I’m thinking 60ish.
  8. My money is on Doolittle. Guy never stays healthy.
  9. It’s crazy but Angels are already nearly a 90 win team provided Skaggs and Heaney hold up (yea, I know). While they whiffed on SPs this offseason, a healthy Bour is going to do wonders for this club. One of these years they won’t be decimated by injuries by May?
  10. No clue but I get the feeling it will be very fluid at first. Doubt Hanley will play every day.
  11. My problem with him is that the upside is baked into the price. I’m sorry, but there is no such thing as a 30/20 floor particularly for a player that has had crazy ups and downs and has only done it....once.
  12. Francona literally said on the radio today Bauers is one of the outfielders they are looking at to see what works. Also mentioned Luplow and Naquin.