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  1. Because he is likely more than a handcuff
  2. 65-35 split is a reasonable projection. Anything around that makes him more than a handcuff, through and through. Plus Kerryon probably misses two games (at least).
  3. Watch out. He’s got getting away from Goodell speed.
  4. Forget all these inconsequential factoids. Yahoo just upped his projection to over 9. Multiply by 3 and you have an accurate projection.
  5. I think he's got a sneaky high floor with AB gone. Like a rich man's Sanu if you will.
  6. All I ask is for is 5 touches. That should net at least 2 TDs no?
  7. Do you think the Raiders will sign him? After all, he was trying to be a Raider since day one.
  8. Well then I couldn't claim to be the smartest degenerate in the room...
  9. I’m starting him. “If not now, then when?”
  10. He’s not going to be put on the exempt list because he’s a narcissistic jerk. There’s a massive spotlight on him and the NFL will not be knee jerk here. He may not last the season but there will need to be something bigger to axe him imo.
  11. Way too rational of a take for this thread.
  12. The defense’s focus on Dude is helping the passing game look much much better. Hes still healthy. That alone is reason to be optimistic for better days ahead..