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  1. Sherman is a better fit to cover DK than Lockett this week. Sherm can stand up to DK physically at the line, and has the length to contend with him for the one on one jump balls that Wilson loves to throw DK's way. Whereas Lockett is the smaller shifty type that can give Sherman problems.
  2. Montgomery went down holding a knee on a punt return this week and didn't return to the game afterwards. Additionally, reports are that Josh Adams might have been picked up by a different team if the Jets didn't promote him. And the Jets put a different player on IR so they didn't have to cut anybody to sign Adams. Relax folks, this likely isn't about Bell.
  3. Colts make some sense if TY is going to be out longer than expected.
  4. My biggest worry here is that the Bears will rely on their run game and defense to win games this year, leaving him with few positive game scripts and limited chances for big games. The talent is there, and he proved that he can be a great fantasy option with a lousy QB in 2015/16. If anything, Trubitsky throwing his fair share of picks will just force them into higher scoring games that would benefit A-Rob.
  5. I'm no doctor but that looks nothing like frostbite. Looks like some sort of infection.
  6. If it's low ankle, take the lower ADP and draft him in every league you can. If it's high ankle, take a little more caution. They have the tendency to linger for a while and come back when you least want them too. Another note, you run an increased risk of a foot fracture when coming back from an ankle sprain, which we all know has troubled Green before. The longer he's out with it, the higher the risk.
  7. I think his usage changes drastically this season, in a good way. He's primarily been used as a deep threat throughout his career to take the top off the defense and create space for the run game and Baldwin to work underneath. He was very good in that role, and it worked great for the Seahawks, but Lockett is more than that as a football player. Check out his reception perception, watch him play. The guy is agile as hell and an exceptional route runner at all levels of the field. This is my take: he's going to transition into Baldwin's spot as a primarily slot guy who can spread the field when desired, and he's going to get peppered with targets there. Metcalf is going to take the 'stretch the field' deep threat role because it is the bread and butter of his game, and Lockett is going to carve up yardage underneath. Lockett is going to explode this year, I'm all in.
  8. Hey all, I have a commissioner predicament that I've been chewing on for my league. Two players recently dropped out of my redraft league, and we were able to find two more to replace them. The draft order had been set previously (we do a random draft order), before the two players dropped out. Should I: - Keep the current draft order and find a random way to determine which incoming player drafts in which open spot? - Scrap the current draft order and randomize a new one? We took a vote and the league is marginally in favor of re-doing the order. However, I'm not sure a majority vote is the right way to go because people will just vote depending on if they like their current spot or not. Naturally, the group of players that are loudly in favor of a reorder are currently in the 7 through 10 spots, and the two new guys who didn't vote would be drafting at 1 and 3. It seems inherently flawed. Additionally, I know a couple of the players have already put time into mock drafts for their current position. They'd still have plenty of time to plan for their new draft slot if I redid the order, but it doesn't seem right to swipe the rug out from under them and make the time they spent partially wasted. I'd normally stick to the results of a vote with league issues, but this one seems iffy. What do you guys think?