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  1. Ignoring the passing numbers and perfect RoS schedule, I'd expect around 55 rushing yards and 0.5 rushing tds per game. I don't think this is a generous projection, and that's a baseline floor of 8.5 points. Go pick him up NOW.
  2. Martin has six touches for 50 yards. How does Oakland have like three first downs?
  3. Can we get Buffalo against Oakland on a neutral site, and loser gets relegated to College Football? We could promote Alabama to the big leagues.
  4. You're assuming he wants to win. He does not. He knows exactly what he's doing. Sucks for the fans.
  5. Can you imagine the s----eating grin on Coop's face while he's chilling in the lazy boy eating Lucky Charms right now?
  6. Dougie gets 9 on 1st, Raiders go 3 and out. makes sense Mr. Gruden.
  7. About the part of the season where speculative "hope it works out" guys are getting less and less valuable and true lottery tickets like Spencer Ware and Malcolm Brown are worth more and more. Can't wait for TB to fix this: if it hasn't happened for Barber by now, odds are it won't. Dropped, moving on, holding Dougie Martin for a week because who the hell knows. GL all.
  8. Metrics show Coop has held his own this year and had solid separation on his routes. Carr is so terrified of Gruden that he's gone risk-adverse and scared, and stopped throwing up 50/50 balls to Amari. In return, Amari has phoned it in at times. For his personal value, this is the best case scenario for Cooper. There's a glaring need, Dallas has shown faith/trust/value by investing a huge price into him, and hopefully he gets his mind back on doing his job and not letting the mediocrity around him pull him down. Dallas CANNOT be worse than his situation in Oakland, and once he gets targets (he will) and builds some chemistry (he might), he should be a consistent 7-80 kinda guy with a little bit of ceiling. WR2.
  9. Coop to Indy makes too much sense, except they play each other after Oakland's bye week. Trade deadline is two days after. Packers are too deep at WR to make a move, so it looks like Dallas, Cleveland, and Indy. I think a 3rd round pick is worth a rental.
  10. More on this. This is the problem. There's a metric citing that Cooper leads the league in avg. yards separation, so Amari's getting open. Carr lacks the confidence either in himself or his receiver to take the calculated risk and toss a target Coop's way. This is the trend now, with a decent sample size to show it. Our job is to identify games where Coop has a matchup that a timid quarterback feels confident enough to test. Until Carr mans up and shows the chemistry/trust that big boy QBs have with their WR1s, that's all we can play for. For whatever reason, right now he's playing scared, it makes the Raiders offense one dimensional, and it's not surprising that Cooper's target counts directly correlate to Oakland being competitive in games. TLDR; Coop startable only in matchups with JAG corners. Solid potential for 8+ targets and min. 80 yards in all other situations. Can someone grab the schedule and cross that with PFF CB grades to make a start/sit list for ROS?
  11. Pulling 4net out of one's lineup and inserting Barber.
  12. Starting with confidence. Think this game has sneaky-shootout potential and either way SF will want to control the pace with Alf. He looked great in the zone scheme against a MUCH better def. last week. Solid RB2 me thinks.
  13. Thinking hard about starting him today. Cant trust Amari and the Titans just imploded around Corey Davis. Would you start Pettis over a redzone guy like Brandon Marshall and hope for a shootout?
  14. Both guards are still there and Tennessee wants to shorten this game. It'll be heavy Lewis and Henry. They're gonna have to remake that offense with all the carnage.
  15. Can't start him. Really want to, but if you've got any other serious options you need to consider them. I'll be rolling B.Marshall or Pettis, as weird as that is. QB carousel with no OL in a game where TEN will try to run 35 times. No thanks.