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  1. Ok that makes more sense. But the person who started this originally stated he doesn't start a kicker "most weeks." Post 2 of this thread. But I understand the logic now.
  2. I'm not quite understanding your math or your logic. So if you have a roster full of undroppable players, you're going to drop a kicker for a potential one or two week replacement, as is the case in the Gurley example you cited? And since your team is loaded with studs, you're purposely leaving points off the board for a player you're not even starting? Now to the math. How is not rostering a kicker costing only 1.4 points a week? Even at the low end a kicker will average 5 points a week. Obviously every game isn't close, but in my 14 team league this week 2 games were decided by 5 points or less and in my 12 team league another 2 games were. So if you don't have a kicker and lose because of it, you're flat out costing yourself a win. Wins equal playoffs. Now the poster who has been most vocal about this strategy stated he won by over 100 points. If that's the case, then sure, go for it. But I question the competitiveness of his league if he's winning by that much on a consistent basis.
  3. Lol. I told myself I was done after the last post but then you put this. Basically admitting that every point counts but you don't need them throughout the season because every team makes the playoffs.
  4. I think you mean 3 out of 5 weeks. But I digress. You do you and have fun. That's what it's all about. But I dont think you'd have success in more competitive leagues. Not saying you guys dont compete, just that 10 team leagues, imo, aren't overly competitive because every team has studs, studs are on ww so injuries dont affect you as much, etc. Add in 8 teams make the playoffs. Every point counts in 14 team leagues with 6 playoff spots. Again, have fun. Nobody is mad or butthurt or anything.
  5. I don't know if you're trolling or what. Nobody can understand what you mean because every page your story changes. At first you rarely use them. Then later you mention 80% of the league makes the playoffs. Then say you used a kicker the first few weeks, which so far, equates to 60% of the season (the opposite of rarely) and to top it off, you fail at reading comprehension by proclaiming I love kickers even though I stated numerous times I don't. I'll make you a deal. Download kik. My name is mest08. It's a free messenger app, no phone number needed. If a spot opens up in my 14 team redraft league next year, I'll buy you in. If you finish in the money, you keep the earnings and I revisit this thread a year from now and and say you were right. If you're team sucks, you do the same. Only rule is you can't play a kicker all year. There's literally no risk involved for you. Arguing with someone who changes their story every other post is pointless. Put your pride where your mouth is.
  6. And I play .5 ppr. And some people play standard. It's almost like you care only about yourself and your league and don't care about other people's. Not to mention the fact that your first post states you rarely use a kicker but by page 3 you changed it to you used Zane or whatever his name was for 3 weeks. We've played 5 weeks and you used a kicker at least 3 of them that you admitted but are advocating not using a kicker. So which is it.
  7. I'm arguing to show you how asinine you sound. Kittle has 42 points in standard scoring. 5ppr. My kicker has 52 points, 3 points for field goals 39 and under, 4 for 40 to 49 and 5 for 50 plus (obviously 1 for pat). He hasn't had a bye yet but is averaging over 10 points a game. I've stated numerous times, I hate that kickers are part if fantasy. But because they are it makes no sense to leave points off the board. Over the past 20 years, every sport has evolved using analytics. Baseball uses launch angles and obp more now. Basketball uses 3 pointers much more now. Football teams go for 2 more now. Why? Because statistically speaking, those things lead to a higher chance of points and more points scored leads to more wins. You're literally using an ancient thought process. If it works for you, great. But that probably has more to do with luck than because your method is sound.
  8. That's bs bro. If you play with friends, nobody is quitting if they're out of it. And if they do, they aren't allowed back the next year. Much better than going 11-3 and losing in the playoffs to a 4-9 team that shouldn't even be in the playoffs but got lucky. The point of the playoffs is to reward a season of success. Not give 80% of the league a chance.
  9. How big is your league? 10 team, probably not worth it as better options available for flex. 14 team, I'd say definitely as he could be a useful bye week replacement.
  10. Your top tier te kittle has 42 points in .5 ppr format on the year. What round did you get him? My undrafted kicker has 52 points on the year. To your first point, a good running back can get 15 plus points but can also get 3 or 4 any given week (you used that line earlier yourself) so why bother starting a running back? I mean, your same argument can basically be said about every position unless you have a top 5 running back (though my kicker outscored mcc week 2) or top quarterback.
  11. You didn't touch a nerve. You just make no sense. Hell, kickers outscore 2nd and 3rd tier tight ends on a regular. In a game where points are king, you're intentionally leaving points off the board. I hate kickers too and wish they weren't part of it, but they are so I'm starting one. If coaches had roster spots, I'd draft and play a coach, too.
  12. I'm not misunderstanding. It's a dumb strategy, plain and simple. OP asks for advice, not what someone who plays in a league that crowns 8 champions does. In a lot of leagues, two or three teams will finish with the same record and the one with the most points makes the playoffs. In a vacuum, sure, it's a fine strategy. But season long, it's not. And nobody is saying he can't do it or can't post like he claimed earlier. But he should have posted his league settings in his first post and we all could have avoided this mess.
  13. What's your points for and points against if you don't mind?
  14. Lol. I'd be unbeaten if I was getting guys like hyde in round 21. My league is fun and competitive. Yours seems weird. I hate kickers myself but I'm not leaving points off the board when games are often times decided by less than 5 points.