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  1. We are the champions!!! Just won my league. Have won the last 5 or 7 years in this league. Have another league I’m in that extends to next week. Couldn’t have done this without y’all congrats!!
  2. Anything can happen. I know the odds are in my favor but what if DeSean busts out with a 1 catch 10 yard game and Jordy goes off for 8 catches 110 yards and 2 TDS.
  3. Up 24 points PPR I have DeSean Hamilton against his Jordy Nelson. I should be ok right? I’m very worried for some reason.
  4. Up 24.26 points PPR, I have DeSean Hamilton going against his Jordy Nelson tomorrow. I should be ok but something tells me not to be confident.
  5. I need this game to end. I have Daimen Williams opponent has Mahomes.
  6. This is why AB is the first WR off the board. I hope his ADP slips next year.
  7. This guy did a vintage performance when I needed it the most. Was bummed out that I benched Jamal Williams for him but he came close to his numbers. CJ Gurley?
  8. Thank you Watson for coming through the most when I needed you. Somehow swung a Tom Brady for Watson trade back in week 10 or 11.
  9. If I was a lady my panties would have dropped already for AB....hell my boxers just dropped for him!
  10. I need a 30 burger from Williams in the worst way today. Any chance?
  11. At least that worked out for you! Glad it did
  12. I was wrong glad I started him but I’m still coming up short thanks to ultra mega diva bust Antonio Brown. Hope CJ can get 10-15 more points although that’s asking for a lot
  13. I’d advise anyone in here if you have DJ, Ingram, or even Jordan Howard to start them over CJ Anderson. Especially if you have Daimen Williams don’t even think for a second. Only reason why I am starting CJ is because Tim Patrick is my next option. It’s shaping up as a three man committee with Davis Kelly and CJ.
  14. I have CJA over Tim Patrick as my only other option. What is everyone doing?