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  1. Talent is there no question. Check this out from the game: https://mobile.twitter.com/WorldofIsaac/status/1173318168015716357
  2. Currently the #1 QB with Mahomes right there. I would be ecstatic if he finishes as QB2. Feels good man
  3. Well guys I was wrong too. Added him before the game and I’m officially off this train. Will try bid for D Robinson, If not I’ll grab someone else. He’s a great guy to cut loose for something hot. Good luck
  4. He got banged up but he seemed fine they didn’t need him to finish the game. He seems explosive and had some nice moves out there. Usage is still a concern. I’m more worried about Ty Johnson’s usage than CJA. Also, I’m concerned with KJ’s running style. He seems reckless as times and tries to jump over players. Seems like his running style is prone to injuries. I hope I’m wrong.
  5. Think we got something special here. Love the kid’s demeanor too! “One more thing Ravens love about Lamar Jackson. He was ticked off at himself after game for leaving too many points on field, not finishing drives. Then, sat down next to Mark Ingram In locker room to go over plays he felt team missed.” 5:06 PM · Sep 15, 2019·Twitter Web App https://mobile.twitter.com/jeffzrebiec/status/1173342250560053248
  6. Target share was there. Great day PPR. I think he’s a solid WR2 going forward. He will definitely have nice boom games with multiple TDs
  7. I’m in love. So happy I went with my gut draft day and took him in the 9th over Cam Newton. I hope he keeps this train going!
  8. Anyone have an update on Kerryon Johnson’s injury?
  9. Kerryon Johnson hurt. Not sure what happened but he wasn’t in for the last drive. Went to the locker room. Great.
  10. Slim pickings in my 12 man PPR. I picked him up and stashed. Anyone think he can regain relevancy in a few weeks?
  11. I own both Mike Evans and Godwin. I watched the whole game and I can second this. He was targeted numerous times in the end zone. He catches one of those TDs and his statline is a lot better.
  12. He dropped a TD I believe. He was facing a brutal matchup. He did well given the matchup. Obviously we expect better but better days are coming especially next week against the Giants.
  13. Damn I got Godwin beasting but Mike Evans is killing me. Wish I didn’t own both.
  14. I would just want to own this guy for purposes of this: