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  1. Sigh. This guy is just not fun to own at all.
  2. Starting Henry over Waller is killing me. Can this guy even get a few more catches. He’s not involved at all it’s all Melvin Gordon.
  3. Kerryon Johnson on a stationary bike behind the Lions bench with a brace on his right knee while Ty Johnson is in the game at running back. The brace is new. Might explain why Ty Johnson is getting more work today. Something to keep paying attention to.
  4. What can we expect from this big beautiful man tomorrow in his return?
  5. Yup looks like Henderson is the man to own. Will be dropping Brown next week.
  6. What’s everyone doing thru the bye? I want to keep him but I need to pick up a d and a WR as well!
  7. Yeah no. You don’t draft Barkley at #1 overall to sit him. I hope he doesn’t play so he can get an extra week of rest but if he does he goes right into my lineup without hesitation. Not sure how the most talented RB and #1 pick in most drafts is an “easy sit” if he plays.
  8. This guy went beast mode tonight but not love?
  9. La la la la oh hey look a big 0 today. I guess I should carry on then. La la la la.
  10. And if you think he bounces back next week think again. James Bradberry has Big Mike’s number. Sigh.
  11. Where is the Wallerus???? 1 reception for 9 yards? Wtf.
  12. I love Waller but wish the TD’s came in soon. Also it seems like they forgot about him in the second half last week. Wish he was featured more in this offense.
  13. Well I guess Lockett’s night is over unless Rams make this competitive.
  14. I guess Tyler Lockett won’t get targeted today since Wilson can’t get the ball out. Awesome, looks like he will give us a fat zero.
  15. Incoming 2 receptions, 35 yards, 0 touchdowns because it’s Thursday Night!
  16. Wtf is this guy? Seriously please tell me what he is?