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  1. Now I'll start off by saying I don't know if the Bell owner (who doesn't have Conner) will accept this but he's 0-2 and is hurting at RBs while having Watson as his QB. Do you think the Steelers will even use Bell when he comes back by week 10 or is the relationship so far in the grave that they'll keep him on the bench? Would you do this trade based on the risk / just value alone (.5PPR league)? Thanks!
  2. Williams probably gets the most touches... would risk it and roll with him
  3. Would bench Gio
  4. Play Cooper or stay put? WHIR

    Stay put
  5. Would start Lewis as well
  6. Which would you start this week?
  7. Would stick with Murray
  8. Crucial week 12 WHIR

    Amendola and Williams
  9. Would you trade Hunt for Ajayi and your choice of Doug Martin or Woodhead? .5 PPR