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  1. I assume there isn't any rule against sitting, or you would have told us; I don't think it's poor sportsmanship or anything. I also assume there's no value to accumulating points, or you would have told us; so ignore this: "No play Broncos DST NEVER miss out on points for the week!" "
  2. I gave advice on your previous question that I won't repeat, though it's apt. As to your regrets, remember you weren't all in on Williams anyway, and his game was due in no small part to Allen, which no one could have predicted. Connor, then Lewis, then Freeman. Good luck. It's a cruel game, whether we make mistakes or not.
  3. I'd stand pat. I don't like Jones against the Bears, but I don't see a clearly superior alternative. My favorite alternative is probably Ito Smith, but if you go for him over Jones and get that wrong you're really going to kick yourself.
  4. I don't have much idea how Williams is going to be featured. I feel like I have a better idea for Jackson, and also think KC DST is a pretty good matchup. Help?
  5. Anyone else? I can't shake the feeling that Damian Williams is just a guy, and that they also have other guys. In theory.
  6. I'd say Drake vs. Lewis is kind of close, but if I went with Lewis it'd be to avoid MINN. I do not like Corey Davis, and think he could disappoint independent of Lewis. BTW, I would get away from trying to counteract all your opponent's moves. To my way of thinking, that stuff is far, far less important than choosing the player on your team with the better prospects.
  7. Sproles, and I actually don't think that's so bad. Slight risk the guy will qualify for AARP at halftime and quit, but you can't worry about that.
  8. I have similar issue -- please see and help with mine if you would -- but I would put Jackson ahead of Williams, mainly because it's completely unclear to me how they're going to use a guy like Williams and whether West or someone else will feature. Would stay away from A Jones in any event. Help?
  9. I would have it Watson > Dak > Ryan. Help with mine?
  10. I agree with the comment about floors, but I would prefer the upside of Samuels and Williams. I guess I would compromise on Samuels and Gronk, if for no other reason than it would let me say I won playing 3 TEs. Help with mine?
  11. This is a bit evasive, but I'd say DJ -- especially if you are more concerned about the floor. I think Jackson might have a higher ceiling, and it would be ballsy, but I'd sure be nervous about doing that. Help?
  12. I would rather face Team 1, but for me the deciding factor would be Chicago D against Team 1 and Gurley on Team 2. Thanks for help with mine.
  13. Kittle, but barely, because of the QB change, but I agree it's quite close. And it sure must be tempting to play them both. Help?