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  1. ahh thanks for the reply! I did not know this and looking to draft tonight or tomorrow.
  2. Didn't know where to find this on espn... How does it work if a draft has taken place after this Thursday night game? Say if you draft Rogers do you get his points or no? Thanks
  3. league is full and all paid. drafting at 11:15 cst if you have not checked league home page chat
  4. yes. he's paying now. lets move all communication in the lg message site on home page
  5. we're only doing 12. 2 unpaid members have 2 minutes to pay so if they don't I'll remove them and add you. what's your email?
  6. Yep! We're full. Waiting for all members to pay. I will start kicking guys who haven't paid by 10:30 cst, that's 10 minutes. fair enough?
  7. Thanks! I was able to reply to some other post with my league details and links
  8. I tried to post on reddit but I don't have enough karma to post and it deleted it. do you mind posting it?
  9. I just posted it. go ahead and join on espn. wait and pay till we get enough interest