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  1. Get to keep 3 bodies. Already locked in Giannis and KAT. Whos the more manageable risk? I understand Boogie has a higher ceiling but he has a higher chance of being sub-par after a torn Achilles. Do I go with Tyreke and hope to get Boogie in the first few rounds? Or hope that everyone takes a pass on Tyreke like last year? WHIR
  2. KEEPERS: I can only Keep 3 (PPR)

    I’d go Bell/Kamara/Allen First two are obvious, and I think Allen gives you a bit more variance rather than 2 high priced bodies from the same team. That and he’s a PPR stud. Hunt isn’t even in the question for me. He’s not a three down back, and KC’s defence has gotten worse meaning they might play from behind more times that not. You should be able to replace him the later rounds, and bait someone into taking him based off last years performance.
  3. Looking for a second RB to hopefully guide me through this week of the playoffs. Mark Ingram didn’t help me much last night, but the silver lining is my opponent had Kamara. I have the first waiver wire so I can pick either option up next week if need be as well. I am projected to lose by about 15 at this point (not that projections matter) Do I ride out Derrick Henry as my RB2? Or do I drop either Henry or Mixon for Mike Davis?
  4. Punt REB or punt STLS *NoShirts always WHIR*

    I like option B. Personally I try to limit the amount of players on single teams, and although they are all great players, it makes your lineup super weak when they are not playing (and inversely strong when they are). You have a team that has a decent to great 3PT% without Klay, I don’t see the value in over killing the mark. Also owning Thad/Gobert shouldn’t affect your 3PT% as they both tend to stay away (Thad averaging less than 2/gm and Gobert at 0)
  5. Got an offer of his Kemba and 4th round pick for my Embiid and 8th. Three Keeper league so the pick holds value, but is the value worth it for what The Process can become? After last nights performance it’s hard to pull the trigger, but I want to know is it even worth considering. Current keepers are Embiid, KAT and Kawhi and with Kawhi out for a while I am not a contender so far this year. Wondering if I hold through and weather it out, or pull the trigger and do a mini blow up in hopes to either push this year or collect for next.
  6. Cousins should get a ton of pressure today from Minnesota, I would play Mariota this week.
  7. What kind of league do you play in for someone to drop Evans?! GRAB HIM IMMEDIATELY
  8. Sheppard and JuJu -Sheppard is one of two options in NY, so he will get the volume. -I can see a blowout against IND with Ben moving the ball around a bit.
  9. So I have already booked my ticket to our playoffs (starts in week 13), looking at trying to get an upper hand with the waiver. I am looking to grab and stash Corey Coleman before he becomes active next week, and by doing so dropping Jeremy Maclin. I would think, if not for me, he has value (PPR league) for trading up with someone else before the playoffs. I am more of less looking at my options. I also have the top WW so I could end up getting someone else later on as well. My hesitation is that I also have Flash Gordon sitting on my bench and could end up with two of them going into the playoffs with a tough schedule going forward. Also employing two Browns players is less than desirable. Is the risk worth it? Or do I stay where I am and let him go elsewhere? Open to discuss what other options I might have as well.
  10. Wondering if I should take this trade in our 12-man, 3-keeper league. The league has 13-categories including: FGM, FG%, FTM, FT%, 3PTM, 3PT%, PTS, OREB, DREB, AST, ST, BLK, TO I understand that there is still risk with Embiid, however, his reward gets bigger and bigger with less limitations. Kemba is less of a stat stuffer, but more of an consistent shooter which could help. Not sure what to do. I get: Kemba Walker Willie Cauley-Stein 5th round pick (essentially a 2nd rounder after our keepers are kept) He gets: Joel Embiid Ricky Rubio 8th round pick (essentially a 5th rounder after keepers are kept) My team currently looks like this: R. Rubio D. Murray K. Middleton J. Jackson J. Crowder T. Ariza J. Johnson D. Carroll K. Towns J. Embiid A. Horford D. Smith Jr. K. Leonard
  11. WW Pickup?

    Looking for a WR pickup this week on the WW, which do I grab? Devante Adams (was dropped last week, I am assuming due to poor play with Hundley and the bye week) Robby Anderson DeDe Westbrook
  12. Need to start one of the four in full PPR: Derrick Henry Adrian Peterson or I can drop one and pick up either: Merlon Mack Samaje Perine
  13. 12 teams, 12 cat league. How did I do? Ricky Rubio Dennis Smith Jr Kawhi Leonard (keeper) Khris Middleton Trevor Ariza Josh Jackson Jae Crowder Joel Embiid (keeper) Al Horford Karl-Anthony Towns (keeper) James Johnson Frank Ntilikina
  14. If you have a spot available, please send me an invite. UN: GeoffByrne