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  1. Got the Saints but looking to go elsewhere this week due to obvious reasons: Who do I grab? Titans or 49ers
  2. Looking to buy low on Hilton. A guy in our league is worried as he thinks he just lost his WR1. While I think Hilton takes a slight hit I would still welcome him. Here’s what I am proposing, would you accept this as an opposing GM who’s scrambling over this? I give: Dalvin Cook Stefon Diggs I get: TY Hilton David Johnson Heres how my team looks now: QB: J. Winston WR: M. Thomas WR: S. Diggs WR: D. Moore RB: D. Cook RB: M. Mack TE: A. Hooper Flex: C. Davis K: A. Vinateri (streamer) DEF: Saints BN: Miles Sanders BN: N. Harry BN: M. Breida
  3. Worth dropping Fournier for Gordon? I’m in a 12 team, 13 cat league. Team is as follows: Rose, Lowry, Dunn, Collison, Fournier, Butler, Giannis, Bagley, KAT, Jordan, SGA, Hernangomez, Cousins (IR skit) Roster size: 2PG, 2SG, 2SF, 2PF, 2C, 2BN
  4. 13 Cat league. Worth the add over Eric Gordon?
  5. He’s floating on my waiver and I am debating dropping Fournier for him. Not sure if he’s just going to be a headache.
  6. Standard league (non-PPR), looking to see who to start to bring me to the promise-land. QB: (pick one) Aaron Rodgers Kirk Cousins Lamar Jackson RB: (pick three) Tarik Cohen James Conner Spencer Ware Gus Edwards Shady
  7. Also, I play in a dumb 13 cat league, so he had value based on FG% and both OREB and DREB to negate the FT/TO issues.
  8. I was speaking from Gallo of last year. You can argue that D12 was awesome value last year as well. Far exceeded his expectations.
  9. Is this guy droppable now? Debating it, and if it’s anything like Gallo he’s gonna be a headache
  10. Markkanen owner offered him to me for Eric Fournier. 12 cat league with an IR spot (not that it matters because Boogie already fills it) Do I take the deal?
  11. With the Saints past their bye week and seemingly trying to bolster their defense, are they worth the add for down the stretch?
  12. Debating grabbing him off the wire. My RB situation is terrible right now and the WW isn’t much better. ill wait until tomorrow to see if there’s anything new on Breida.
  13. Tell me about it, only reason I’m in the predicament is because Bell, Fournette and Cobb are out.