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  1. Thinking about sending this trade request as I feel Bell won’t be back, or when he does he will be ineffective. Even if he comes back in Week 10 there’s doubts of his ability to play after a long rest (considering how he looks now). Think the trade has value? Or is it just absurd.
  2. Quick Trade Advice

    Take that. Morris could easily be replaced on the WW weekly and Allen is a big upgrade to JuJu.
  3. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Thanks. I don’t mind a week or two of sitting. Just wanted to make sure it wasn’t a bigger issue that would keep him out longer.
  4. Leonard Fournette 2018 Outlook

    Any new info on Fournette or any logical answer as to how long he should be out for? Trying to gauge him as I was just offered him in a deal. Dont really want a part of him if he’s going to sit for half the season, considering I’m dealing with the Le’Veon Bell blow already.
  5. Engram for Edelman WHIR

    New England has mouth to feeds but honestly Gronk is gonna be our for a few games (solely based on career stats) and Flash won’t play the slot. Brady has the rapport with Edleman so that boosts him. I think that in PPR Edleman stands to be the better option, but in 2WR/1TE leagues it may be difficult to roster him over your other WRs. If it was Kittle/Burton I would be making the deal, but Engram doesn’t do it for me given Eli and their terrible O-Line.
  6. Devonta Freeman for Mark Ingram

    Both in similar timeshares but NO has the better offence. Ingram should eat like he did last year where New Orleans made it known they could have two great backs. Thanks for the help!
  7. Doyle because he’s the second option only behind TY. Luck likes his quick passes and Doyle is a good recipient of those in Indy. Also OJ will get a change up once/if Winston returns and could affect his stock.
  8. Trade Help // WHIR

    Thats what I fear, and part of why I didn’t draft him. I feel that Hunt is an upgrade but TY to a boom/bust Baldwin might be hard to accept. Any reason why I should stand put? I don’t think Bell is coming back anytime soon. So I feel I need to try something. I thought the same thing, both were surprising and I was taken off guard. I wanted Fournette before his injury so it was tempting.
  9. Trade Help // WHIR

    Tate, Crowder, Agholor are his other receivers. I would like to get another WR back as I am slim there.
  10. Trade Help // WHIR

    Just got offered two similar deals from another manager and wondering which, if either, are worth taking. Trade 1 I Receive: Doug Baldwin and Kareem Hunt I Give: Lamar Miller and TY Hilton Trade 2 I Recieve: Doug Baldwin and Leonard Fournette I Give: Lamar Miller and TY Hilton Full PPR, my team is in my signature. Currently 1-1 on the year, so it’s not like I’m down 0-2 and needing a change up if the deal isn’t there.
  11. Saints at home in the dome? Gimme Ted Ginn all day in that spot!
  12. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Thanks for your input, you’d be just viewing from he sidelines if he started off the way he ended his 2013 campaign. But I guess that’s why you’re here now; because he isn’t that way currently. I’m sure most people who took fliers on him (myself included) were hoping that he could return to the player he was. It’s not impossible. Yet we see people daily in the Derrick Henry group hyping him as wel. People have affinities for players, and sometimes it’s nice to have a potential lottery ticket in the pocket.
  13. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    Oh I’m HYPED. Just benched everyone and throwing Flash out there alone to single-handedly win me this week.
  14. Not sure if I am jumping the gun or not yet. As a Bell owner (who dominated week one without him) I feel inclined to get him in case Bell does stand pat for 10 weeks. Here is Conner’s owner lineup; mine is in my signature. QB: Mahomes WR: Allen/D. Thomas/Cooper/Woods/Edelman/Ross RB: Barkley/R. Freeman/Penny/Conner TE: Doyle Who do I offer on my team for him? I don’t want to overvalue him in case Bell does come back, but want some insurance.
  15. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    I don’t think it’s worth folding on the Saints yet. If you have someone else to drop for Chicago it would be a good tandem and could be trade value you for you when the Saints sort themselves out.