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  1. They are definitely scheduled to play Thurs. 2 start week is a go
  2. His first two starts were against the Dodgers and the Braves. Aside from that first inning against the Braves he’s looked pretty damn good. Reached 86 pitches last start which is promising. He’s got some solid matchups coming up too where we should see a good showcasing of his skills.
  3. Might be wishful thinking.. I hope I’m wrong
  4. He was pitching really well, not sure why they’d make a move like that so early.
  5. He threw 80 something pitches prior to this start. He just threw 67 then got pulled..
  6. Yuuup. Better to stream guys who at least have a chance at a QS than hold on to someone only going 5IP and topping it at 80 pitches. Looks like they have an innings limit on him.
  7. 6IP, 3H, 3ER, 2BB, 10K @ CHC Was mixing his four-seam, slider and curveball very well for the majority of the game. Was throwing a gem before falling apart in the 7th when he gave up a solo homer followed by a single and a walk before being pulled. Feliz came in and gave up a sac fly and 2 hits to charge Archer with 2 more runs. Overall, great start to the second half.
  8. He’s also completely scrapping the 2-seam and going to use his slider much more. Not saying he’s going to be a top 10 but could at least turn it around to give you what you expected when drafted.
  9. Sign of better things to come hopefully..
  10. Does anyone know if he was getting to 100 pitches when he was in the rotation at the start of the year?
  11. This article on the treatment of his leukaemia is very promising. I guess an NHL player had the same thing a couple years ago and resumed his career after some time off. I don’t think he’s being blindly optimistic in saying he could return end of July 😯
  12. He says he expects to be back with the team by end of July.. 💪
  13. Ya from what I’ve read there are 4 different types of leukaemia. It appears he has a manageable one and is currently in remission which is huge. Im pretty sure the only way to actually “cure” it is a bone marrow transplant if I’m not mistaken. I’m sure he’s conflicted between managing it and playing vs. Sitting out for an extended period of time and curing it. The competitor in him probably wants to play in fear he will never get a chance to take the mound again. Either way, America loves a comeback story like this. He’ll make that comeback
  14. He’s been cleared for strength and conditioning and pitching workouts.