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  1. Glad to see not everyone is delusional. Chubb is definitely the better running back, both imo and according to the advanced analytics (if I'm not mistaken). Hunt is good but the Andy Reid system inflates his perceived value. I think a 70/30 split is reasonable. He'll be an elite handcuff. I also wonder if the Browns will look to trade him before the deadline? Whether they're contending or not it could be a possibility. For all we know the Browns could've signed him with in the intent of flipping him midseason to an RB needy team. Maybe even to the Chiefs?? Might be reaching here but it's plausible..
  2. I think the comittee is more of a lack of faith in particular guy. He brought in Coleman to be the 1A because he knows Breida and Mostart are better suited change of pace backs. I'm not here saying Coleman will get 25+ touches or anything. I'm saying I think he'll lead the touches and SHOULD get the majority of the goal line work. That last part is crucial in my bullish outlook on Coleman, naturally.
  3. I need another week of high volume to believe it. He's also carried the ball for 3.9, 2.8 and 3.9 for each game. Receiving work is nice. It's more the offense I don't believe in.
  4. Holding a lottery ticket is good if you have the bench space but even for a 7 man bench it can get difficult with bye weeks coming up. I'd rather hold some guys who have flex appeal with RB2 upside on solid weeks.
  5. 2 TDs aren't going to change my opinion on Lindsay in a 50/50 split in that weak offense. He's the RB I'd probably want the least out of the guys I listed.
  6. I find it comical the hate and skepticism of Coleman in this thread. He was clearly the main back before he got hurt and was operating as the clear no. 1 all offseason. Lets look at some of the reasons why he's potentially being seriously undervalued: 1) Wilson is likely going back to the practice squad with Coleman stepping back in for lead back duties + goal line work. 2) He's succeeded in Shanahan's scheme before. 3) He's the best pass catcher of all the backs (very important in Shanahan's scheme). 4) He has break away speed and can hit the home run for you at any moment. 5) Has a juicy a** schedule which includes the Redskins, Cardinals twice, Panthers, Seahawks and a playoff round 1 matchup at home vs. the Falcons. 6) The 49ers OL has performed as one of the best run blocking units. There's definitely risk involved, just like any back in this range when you drafted. I could be underestimating the amount of touches I'm expecting him to get no doubt. But personally, I'd rather have Coleman (once healthy) over guys like Lindsay, Michel and Damien Williams. All in all, RBs+Shananhan=Fantasy relevance (look how impressive Freeman was in his scheme vs now). RB2 ros is very possible and I would buy low if I were you.
  7. I'm debating offering a Michel trade for Coleman. Michel went from uber ceiling to shady future real quick. I'm like the guy above in I believe in Coleman carving out a larger role in the offense.
  8. This and/or we’ll see Brady throw for 300+ 3TDs
  9. I like the Zane call. I'd just rather go with the vet personally, until I have reason not too at least. Bryant has dome galore on the schedule this season and the Falcons are a high powered offense. These factors almost always equate to good fantasy kicker production.
  10. How we feeling about him next week vs the Bills? Tre’Davius going to shadow him or Boyd?
  11. Money Matt still got it. He could finish top 5 if this offense gets its s--- together
  12. Couldn’t agree more. I think too many ppl are brushing his performance off. He’s in the perfect position to breakout and falling right in line with the prototypical 3rd year.
  13. This is what’s making it difficult to decide on who to pick up. I have No. 1 waiver priority and need help at WR after Williams got hurt. Ross seems safer being a big part of the offense right now where Hollywood has playing time questions. Part of me thinks he only played 14 snaps to preserve him after the game got out of hand.
  14. Jackson was throwing great today, Dolphins or not. He was accurate and it wasn't a run first mentality. Has a pretty decent schedule in the next 2 weeks with the Patrick Petersonless Cards and Chiefs. Think I'm using my valued number 1 waiver claim on him in a 10 team non-ppr. Overreaction? Probably.
  15. This was taken from the Bleach Report article about the most pro-ready players coming out of the draft.. "The 6'5", 250-pound Hockenson isn't just a blocker who has to develop receiving skills. He isn't a pass-catcher who has to learn to handle in-line NFL defenders, either. He is a complete tight end who can help boost a team's passing and running games from day one."