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  1. Trade Help WHIR

    I think i would go with KD as he is an all around elite. Thanks for helping mine
  2. Thanks for helping mine. As an KD owner i wouldn't offer it, which mean you should take it quickly. good luck
  3. Pre-ASB Moves WHIR

    Dragan has upside, specially if they will run him for next year benefit. Thanks for helping mine
  4. 8 cat+ DD, roto, Redraft My Kyrie for D.Mitchell + Vuc Thoughts?
  5. Enough return for oladipo?

    LmA and Middleton for me. Please help
  6. 8 Cat+ DD, roto, redraft My Jokic and Capela For his AD and Josh Richardson Thoughts?
  7. 8 cat+ DD, roto, Redraft Kyrie+ Capela for AD Thoughts?
  8. [WHIR] Rondo vs. Milos vs. Ingles

    Thanks for helping mine. I personally like Ingles here. Good luck
  9. My Aaron Gordon for Capela (WHIR)

    Thanks for helping mine. Capela is my winner
  10. 8 cat+ DD, Roto, redraft my Tim Hardaway Jr. for hid Nikola Vuc I want to be able to trade my Capela ( he has a lot of value in our league). thoughts?
  11. Jokic Trade..WHIR as always

    Trade has been done. thanks everyone
  12. Murray and LMA for me Thanks for helping mine.
  13. thanks for helping mine Bazemore side for me
  14. Thanks for helping mine. I'd take Rivers over Barea
  15. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft My B.Beal & Ibaka for His Jokic Thoughts?