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  1. We have Roto not continues league in Yahoo, When the comm can draw the draft order? THX
  2. If you can sell Embiid in a combo like this, do it.
  3. If he will sign with the nets as now seems, his value, will sky high.
  4. Any good value for money picks? What is your optimum lineup? Games: Mill- TOR UTA-LAC CHI-BOS Thanks
  5. Need to drop Nurkic. should i pick up, Travor Booker or Iguodala? Other options: Evan Turner, Willt Hernangomez. Thanks
  6. Don't see a reason to do so. Stay Put.
  7. He's om my IR slot. If not, i would drop him. Thanks for helping mine.
  8. Pretty even. But check recent updates on Thomas injury, could miss some time. I would take kat side. Thanks for helping mine.
  9. No one instead. Its a roto total league. It'll take a game of my C slot limit.
  10. He's going on limited munutes. What ubguys doing?
  11. Lilliard & Green vs. CP3 & Klay. I'm punting steals, and we have DD no TO. Please help Thanks
  12. Try AD and addition for DMC and Whiteside. If they will not make playoff, my guess is that they won't risk AD, possible shut down as well. Please help
  13. Biggest trade of the year for me. My Westy and Turner His Steph and Jokic We play DD no TO Who wins?
  14. thanks for helping mine. If indeed Ty Lawson is drunk again as they say, I expect big minutes from Tyreke. Good Luck