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  1. 9 cat (yes DD, no TO), roto, redraft , 9 teams my: DeRozan His: AD Thoughts?
  2. i don't like Dunn in this deal, I do like Lauri. Any other option?
  3. Harris (Tobias or Garry?) and Draymond Draymond i like , because i believe GS all lose main players for sure. Good luck. Please help:
  4. unless dynasty Embiid. AD is done for the season. Please help:
  5. BH all day long mate. he is a potential to be 20-30. Please help:
  6. Collins in any league! Please help:
  7. thanks for helping mine. Dynasty i would go with Embiid. LBH, Gasol, Vuc are not dynasty material. Fox and Boogie are interesting value, but not to your punt Good luck
  8. 9 cat (DD, no TO), roto, redraft, 9 teams Giving: Giannis & Lilliard Getting: Jokic & PG13 Thoughts?
  9. Not sure.. what you guys saying? Thanks
  10. thanks for helping mine. Jimmy and portis seems to be the better side.
  11. worth mention, i will pull LOVE from INJ