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  1. 8 cat+ DD, Roto, redraft my Tim Hardaway Jr. for hid Nikola Vuc I want to be able to trade my Capela ( he has a lot of value in our league). thoughts?
  2. Jokic Trade..WHIR as always

    Trade has been done. thanks everyone
  3. Murray and LMA for me Thanks for helping mine.
  4. thanks for helping mine Bazemore side for me
  5. Thanks for helping mine. I'd take Rivers over Barea
  6. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft My B.Beal & Ibaka for His Jokic Thoughts?
  7. Thanks for helping mine. Take wall. Roomfor streaming is a bless. btw, i would pick Millsap and stash him, while stream niklitina And how the hell you mannged to end up with : GIANNIS COUSINS HARDEN DURANT ??
  8. Thanks for helping mine. you are really weak in Centers, don't see a rerason to give Adams. Stay put
  9. 8 cat + DD, roto, redraft My KD for His KAT? Thoughts
  10. Thanks for helping mine I would go with Kanter side
  11. 8 cat+ DD, roto, redraft My Boogie & B.Beal His Drummond, Ben Simmons, PG13 Should i accept?
  12. Thanks for helping mine. I don't think he'll take it tbh. if so, accept it and run away LOL
  13. Looking to improve ft. Giving Beal Getting Derozan 9 cat (8+ DD), roto, redraft Thoughts?
  14. Stay put. You cannot afford loosing Capela, you will be left with Gortat only. Try Buying low CP3. I think you can do PG13 for CP3, and with luck getting extra something. Good luck. Please help: