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  1. @Manny1015 don't forget to randomize draft slots before starting
  2. @Manny1015 if it fills up by tonight and draft is at 9pm. i will join.
  3. 14 teams 25$-100$ buy in Auction preferred but will do snake PPR
  4. i am down to join if the spot is still open.
  5. Drop Jamal Murray for a STREAM?

    i would do stream man. 7 aqq is a lot. you can get more stats if you stream imo.

    yea i would save it.
  7. Harden vs Kawhi. WHIR

    i like the harden side.
  8. Drop Fultz or Conley? Need Help ASAP

    i would drop fultz. he is a risk ven when healthy.
  9. i am giving up Mitchell+Lou Williams I am getting Paul+Anthony Cats- fg% ft% 3pm reb ast stl blcks pts
  10. Need 1 Owner

    16 teams Settings: Need 1 Owner the previous owner has gone inactive for way too long in this very active league. He has a very solid team which i think anyone who puts some effort into it can turn it around We also have a prospect draft every year and this being our first we did a 5 round prospect draft that are not on the roster and here are his 5 guys. Brendan Rodgers SS-Rockies Ian Happ 2B-Cubs Anderson Espinoza SP-S Kyle Lewis OF-SEA Jorge Mateo SS-NYY Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
  11. Marvin Williams 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    hell i think we should just be thankful he is playing better now than he was before he got hurt.
  12. Dennis Schröder 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    yea he has been playing really well as of late. i was needing to see this last game from his as the other 3-4 games Milsap was out. but he did very well today with both Howard and Millsap in the line up. but they did lose again and it seems the hawks coach does not really care for him. seems like everytime he goes to the sideline he gets chewed out.
  13. Marvin Williams 2016-2017 Season Outlook

    nah i kept him. but i always do deep leagues 20 teams. so he was still better than the pool even when he was playing like s---. i was glad he looked good tonight. he wasn't chucking up non sense.