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  1. 50%? I cannot see that happening, he has been a really steady 54+% Other stats look spot on
  2. Well both parts are not really elite that's why I don't see any reason to name someone a 2 way player, but i guess that's what they think. I mean if Leonard plays elite offense so what is Lebron's or Curry's offense? Godly? Or if PG plays elite D then what is Gobert's D? I don't really see the point of 2way player etc. It looks more like a way to include on some top list a few players that cannot win the MVP or DPY but have to be mentioned for something.
  3. Mitchell Robinson 2018-19 Season Outlook

    But who plays backup C if not Robinson? I can see him getting mins from day one to be honest. They just have Vonleh and Kornet to play that role and neither is good.
  4. TJ Warren 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I cannot see how he gets more than 25 mins per game unless they really limit guys like Bridges and Jackson which in my opinion would be wrong. Since he is just a PTS column guy every minute he misses dips his value.
  5. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Since the comparison was with Turner I don't see how that guy's mins are safer with Sabonis and KOQ playing the position. I expect Allen to be at around 25-27 mins, Turner a couple more. If that's the case I think Allen can finish higher at the rankings.
  6. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    No not at all that's why i used "". It's not really criticism, but i also explained why picking Allen could be better. And you didn't really say Faried before, did you? I mean cmon...
  7. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    yes Turner is safer since we can just assume worst case scenario is last season, but I don't get why getting Allen over him was "criticized". Yes you shouldn't always go for upside, but maybe the guy that said that already has many safe picks, I cannot tell him you fell into the upside trap without any context. The "no doubt that Allen has the chance to beat Turner" is enough to pick him over Turner in certain cases.
  8. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    It's not that bad to pick Allen over Turner and that 3 that Turner gives you cannot really make a dif. You can easily cover it with some specialist. I think from your C it's better to secure a strong fg% than sacrificing it for just one 3 per game. Rebounds probably Allen will get more and Myle's points are nothing great as well. As for blocks Allen seems to be on track for 2 per game with 24+ mins. Last 2 months of previous season according to BBM they had the same value. Not sure why Myles deserves more trust after his terrible season real life (which is even more important) and fantasy.
  9. Mike Conley 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    I don't think he was declining. An 11 game sample where on half of them he said he wasn't feeling good cannot be taken very seriously. The year before that he had the best season of his career. He is soon to be 31, normally the decline starts later although I understand the injury concerns. Just commented on the decline stuff.
  10. Kawhi Leonard 2018-19 Season Thread

    It is JV and Lowry's team? Ok I mean Lowry I would get it although last year he took a brave step back for the benefit of the team, but JV's team? JV is treated as a role player in this team, nothing like a special player. No man, just no. Let it go.
  11. Wendall, 2018-2018? Please tell me this can be edited and we won't have it like this all year long.
  12. Jarrett Allen 2018-19 Season Outlook

    Well he was 5-15 his rookie year from 3, Turner was 3-14. Not saying they ll follow same trajectory on that as Turner was hitting those midrange shots with ease even his rookie year, but he has shown willingness to shoot them from the corner so maybe there is something to watch there as well.
  13. Kristaps Porzingis 2018-2019 Season Outlook

    Still really high value. In a dynasty draft I'd gladly take him late 2nd-3rd round. He can even contribute this year too come playoff time if you get there.
  14. Jonas Valanciunas 2018-19 Season Outlook

    It's not only the minutes but also the way he was misused. Even in 25 mins I believe his numbers will be better. If he approaches 28-30 he will be gold for roto.