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  1. Personally I would prefer getting Noah for 3 games this week than AD for one. Care about the finals when you get there. If you get eliminated you will not care how to cover for AD's production anyway.
  2. I don't remember a worse performance in 9 cat. Better to get the all 0s Tony Snell style than this
  3. Certainly possible if they bring some wings in Free agency. But in general I think he will be a very good player, doesn't seem to have strong fantasy potential though.
  4. It's exciting because even the 8th team has a chance till the end. I don't think you can deny that. In roto after a while there are 3-4 teams that have a chance for 1st and the rest just fight for mediocrity. You also get more cases of abandoned teams or at least not "engaged" GMs because they have nothing to go for. I have seen many cases of GMs not caring about trades or add/drops after a point in roto because they cannot really win.
  5. I think the deeper the league the more important become your best players like PG, Embiid etc. There is really no solution when the players that carry your team and you build around miss games. That's why roto is more fair although it's boring.
  6. Did you see how many fouls he made in 3 mins? McGee has been ridiculously bad lately
  7. Always liked those leagues that you can casually grab a top30 player just before the playoffs
  8. Damn. My MRob became Isaac and that would be ok if Isaac didn't turn into Tyreke Evans in my redraft league..At least I have him in a dynasty league and there he can be pure gold. He can literally win you one category on his own while his fg% boost is incredible as well.
  9. I don't agree. The Lakers know they will be getting many years of AD. He has the same value for them in the summer as right now. And they cannot waste another LeBron year or risk another Paul George situation. They will go all in on him once again. And they have done a great job tanking the value of their young players.
  10. You are just salty for fantasy reasons. Unless you know the future. A tanking team shouldn't be in a hurry of trading their best asset that still has 18 months left on his contract. They should at least see what other teams can offer.
  11. I find it difficult to see Towns or Jokic value from Davis. It's not only the minutes, but also the usage that seemed down on those 4 games before the ASG. If he plays 25 minutes on 50-60% effort then I don't see him even close to top10, but we ll see. That's all estimations right now.
  12. Does he go to the toilet without Rich Paul?
  13. Sure man, if I had AD I wouldn't trade him for lets say Siakam or whatever. I would prefer to go down with the ship. I would get somebody like Beal though that has a nice playoff schedule.
  14. Look, today Josh Lloyd from bbm said he has a source that says Pelicans are considering shutting him down. Just for your info though. I don't have AD and not willing to get him as well as it's a headache.
  15. maybe sell high since 20 cents on a dollar are better than 0?