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  1. Why do you think Popovich is limiting his offensive game though? Forbes and Mills are shooting as many threes as they want. White himself said he needs to work on his outside shot.
  2. What you say doesn't make sense at all. In preseason Booker is 4th round, Anthony Davis is 4th round. What are you talking about? So only Zion playing his full potential and everybody else in the league is lazy in preseason? Did you see him scoring on Gobert? Do you actually watch those highlights or just checking the stats? But If you were checking the stats you would see they are really good, so who knows. Yeah man he is a glorified Kris Dunn you got it right.
  3. So points will go down, TOs will go up, but blocks will remain 0? I seriously doubt he ends up barely cracking 6th round. More like cracking 3rd round I would say.if he keeps high fg% and steals.
  4. All that talk about his skillset and if this is gonna translate against NBA bigs. He is scoring with ease and the fact that Pelicans play at an extremely high pace can only help. Whoever was high on him i don't think could expect more than he has done in the first 3 "real" games of his career.
  5. Musa is really good. In a dynasty deep league i think he has great value.
  6. This is not crazy at all since it is dynasty. Unless you mean he went top5 or something.
  7. I don't think that Bagley 6'8 thing is official, I read somewhere he is actually 6'10 instead of 6'11.
  8. Let's see how many stocks he gets though. Because for many players the ft% and lack of 3pm is not such a big issue depending on the build. And with Zion at least 3pm is not gonna be 0.
  9. But is this guy a good defender? Blocks are not always indicative of somebody's ability to defend. He needs to understand rotations etc.
  10. A 1st looks too much for those two after the season they had. Brown is not good for fantasy either, but i think this is too much. I hope it works for you coz i like them both.
  11. Looks like money very well spent. All top guys deserve those money and from pick 5 and then all of them will live up to this value for sure.
  12. It's funny how he turned into a punt FT guy as I thought he would actually provide boost in this category. Really 80% is not out of the question because he was actually hitting or close to hitting that mark. I really think it was a mental thing and he will improve.
  13. He can be close to what John Collins was during his rookie season.
  14. If you didn't drop anything of value he is a good add, but I suppose it's obvious nobody really thinks highly of him so I don't think he is their center of the future. And most likley they ll get a big back in the Adams trade if it ever happens.
  15. It all comes down to minutes. If get 27+ I believe his potential is the last 2 months of 18/19 Adebayo and that is pretty solid. It also falls almost in line with the BBM projection.