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  1. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 15

    FLEX 0.5ppr Mack, McGuire, Foster, Zenner. Pick 1.
  2. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Again that's Connor saying it. He's not a doctor. If it's a high ankle sprain he should be ruled out right away.
  3. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    Who said it was a high ankle sprain? No official diagnoses on that . They just said it was a sprain. Lower sprain is a 1-3 week injury.
  4. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    This is actually great news. I think he plays and he plays well. Tomorrow will tell the real story. But sounds like his injury isn't as severe
  5. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I see him pushing himself to play oakland this week. Steelers need to win and they've dropped 2 straight games.
  6. Patrick Mahomes II 2018 Outlook

    I think everyone forgot how good Ware was when JC went down. He was putting up big numbers until he got injured of course.
  7. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    Strong possibility Chiefs will declare him inactive come Sunday.
  8. Kareem Hunt 2018 Outlook

    He's done. NFL need to save face and put this guy on the exempt list
  9. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Outlook

    kamara outscored this bum by a wide margin all season long ya goof. and ppr standard, 9.90 points. that's pathetic
  10. DeAndre Hopkins 2018 Outlook

    this ****ter just costed me the playoffs. should of picked kamara
  11. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Ok, I can't take you seriously anymore. Again, the touches speak for itself. 100 yard rushing with a td when he was healthy. @Dashoe you clearly didn't watch that game. He got injured and pete pulled him out. He was cleared before game, but got injured during it. He had the start.
  12. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Lol , what does this even mean? When Carson is healthy, the touches are there (20+) . Trots him off maybe because he got injured and they're managing his reps or after a big run. Lots of teams do that. Again, Penny is irrelevant until there is an injury. No one can predict the next injury, thus nothing more than a stash. Can't even flex him at this point. Carroll likes his bruiser backs (Lynch type). Penny is too raw, very Christine michalesque. Let's pump the breaks a little bit.
  13. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Bucs spent a first rounder on Ronald Jones and he gets scratched every game.. Please don't use "1st round pick" as an argument. Carson is the style Petey boy wants. And he's been dominant when healthy. The only way Penny takes the field is if one of Davis or Carson gets injured.
  14. Rashaad Penny 2018 Outlook

    Not startable if Carson is healthy.
  15. Jordan Howard 2018 Outlook

    Now the real question is .. do i start this guy or ......dare i say it... DOUG MARTIN? I watched the game on Sunday and wasn't thrilled with usage. First and goal on the 1 , he gets in but a penalty for illegal formation put them back 5 yards. They then decide to throw it. He's first and goal on the 1 or bust. Against Vikings front 7 this week, I think he's a good sit.