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  1. Need about 40 points from Chubb in .5 ppr ... need a 160 rush 6 rec 80 yard 3-4 TD performance.... LFG!
  2. I think I would keep Gio. If Mixon does play... he could aggravate his ankle even more. Maybe drop Coutee...
  3. I would roll with Allen and drop Marvin Jones. I dont see you playing him over any of your other WR's. Thanks for mine
  4. Michel - check weather, last I checked its supposed to rain. Plus Pats should be up big and run the ball the 2nd half. Chris Carson - this game should be high scoring and being more involved in passing game, I like his chances to score a TD if not 2 again. I like Jacobs as well but Sony and Carson are starts.
  5. I would go with Ted Ginn. What should be a high scoring game, Ginn could have a nice day. Safest option imo.
  6. I like Duke, also like Fuller over Landry. I would go with Duke though.
  7. nope. he will be involved in the passing game. Oakland's Defense is bad, Offense is going to score points still.
  8. I would go with Hollywood, just watch the reports before the game, Im sure he plays but he had a Q tag. Metcalf would be my 2nd option, should be a high scoring game in Pittsburgh.
  9. Cook. Gurley. Ekeler I like Connor and should have a good game at home, just think the other 3 outscore him. This is a good problem to have.
  10. Golladay - home matchup, Chargers defense is a little banged up, this could turn into a shootout. Breida ... this one makes me nervous but if he can make it through the whole game and the offense can get clicking, I think he has a big day, need to use him in the passing game, opportunity is there. Kupp - this should be a high scoring game, Kupp will be there underneath for a safety blanket, lots of targets, hopefully he can get loose and take 1 or 2 for pay dirt.
  11. Pick 3 (3 FLEX) Tyrell Williams vs KC Matt Bredia @ CIN LeSean McCoy @ OAK John Brown @ NYG Cooper Kupp vs NO Alshon Jeffery @ ATL Gio Benard vs SF (if Mixon is out) Lineup L.Jackson JuJu. Thielen Chubb. Carson Engram