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  1. Man, this is a toss up IMO. I went Zay... its a gamble but who else he Allen going to throw to?
  2. Down 158 to 96 .... He has Jimmy G and Gostkowski ... I have White. Adams. Jones and Cowboys D ... I need these guys to BLOW UP in PPR
  3. I would hold, unless you can get a trade, but his value will be not as high with him injured and possibility of him missing multiple games. If you are in the running for the playoffs just hold and hope he comes back week 12 or 13 (assuming no surgery). Good Luck
  4. Yes to the first question. I would drop DJ for Davis ... only concern there is who knows how the offense will be ran with new OC... they could get DJ more involved, its a gamble but if you need the win I would go Davis if he will have a full work load.
  5. Thats a tough one! I think both will perform well, I would go Moore also. Cooper will be featured which makes this a tough decision. TB defense is awful, and on the road... but their offense should make it a high scoring game.
  6. I get: Newton. DJ. Diggs I give: Mahomes. Conner. Hilton (Fair Trade Offer?) Team after trade. .5 PPR Newton Barkley. Gordon. DJ. Howard. Coleman. CThompson Landry. Sanders. Diggs. Boyd. MVS. DJMoore OJ Howard
  7. Mayfield and Jackson for me. Amendola isnt a bad choice either, just think DJax gets a long TD today.
  8. Ekeler and Booker for me. Washington D has bottled up RBs so far.
  9. I like it but I agree with everyone else, switch out Freeman if you can.