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  1. RB & Flex Help

    I would put Alf in if Brieda is out and then I would ride the hot hand with Ridley over Calloway.
  2. QB trade for Watson

    I made the same mistake last year, Mariota is terrible. Luckily, I picked up Watson and then used a combo of Winston and Bortles when Watson went down. I guess it really depends on the strength of the rest of your team. If your RBs are strong and you have a good TE, I would sit tight.
  3. When are they going to stop putting Blount out there, he looks terrible.
  4. Deshaun Watson 2018 Outlook

    Wow, cant believe the people talking about replacing, benching and dropping Watson after a 26 and 28 point performance the last two weeks. Having to use guys like Mariota and Carr last year before and after Watsons injury will make you appreciate a QB that can put up 20+ points most weeks.
  5. Yes, a healthy Michel is the best RB on that team and should become the lead back with White taking some passing downs.
  6. I would drop the Texans D and pick up Michel
  7. Lineup Help WHIR 100%

    Goodwin and Allen
  8. Help with FLEX WHIR

    Wow, surprised by the majority for Ekeler. Nobody's worried about the Chargers getting shut down by a very good Rams D?
  9. Start-Sit Help WHIR

    Since non ppr I would go with Collins and Lynch and then I would go with Ebron since Doyle is out. Thanks for the reply
  10. I would go with Drake until the Arizona offense shows some signs of life.
  11. Can't decide who to put into FLEX: Goodwin, Ekeler (Starting Gordon), R. Freeman, K. Johnson. I am kinda leaning towards Goodwin or Freeman.
  12. Fitzpatrick or Watson?

    I have the same decision, right now I have Fitzpatrick in. Curious to see what others say.
  13. Bell for Ingram/McCoy?

    If anything I would be looking to upgrade at WR instead of RB. Also, is this a keeper league? How do you have 3 first rounders on your team and the other guys team doesn't have one player that was selected in the first 3 rounds?
  14. Smith schuster trade WHIR

    Awful trade, you are trading a starting WR 1/WR 2 for two bench/ bye week fill-ins.