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  1. I would not give up Chubb for Mahomes, especially in PPR where QB values are deflated. If you can swing it for Henry and Fitz sure (though I doubt they go for that), but no way should you part with Chubb for a QB. Winning fantasy football is different than winning real football. You don't need a great QB in fantasy. You need RBs and WRs. I know Mahomes is awesome, but in PPR there's not enough value at QB to sell off top players at the important positions.
  2. Mostly a handcuff, but I might roll him out in week 4 as a flex when the Chargers play MIAMI. They might try to preserve Ekeler for more competitive games and run the ball a bit more once they go up 35-0 say in the 3rd quarter. Odds that Jackson breaks off a long TD run against Miami are maybe not too bad, provided the Chargers ever have poor enough field position for a long run to even be theoretically possible 🙂
  3. I'd rather have Engram than Howard but Hollywood is an upgrade from MVS. Assuming Howard isn't a total bust and actually plays closer to the level he's capable of, I don't think its a terrible trade.
  4. This is why having the top waiver claim is often overrated. Sometimes its better to be a little later and let other people make the mistakes we were going to make :-).
  5. Yes, of course. You want Dallas against Miami rather than Baltimore against Kansas City and its worth dropping Baltimore season long to cash in on the bounty that is the Miami offense.
  6. Looks like I thought the wrong WR (Hardman) would step up and should have grabbed Robinson.
  7. That lineup looks killer especially since you also have a couple shares in New England vs. Miami.
  8. I like the Chubb, Mixon, Michel RB setup you have now. You can stream QBs and be fine. I wouldn't downgrade at other positions to upgrade at QB.
  9. I'd take it. There is enough depth at WR position that you can find players almost as good for fantasy purposes as Sanders and Westbrook on the waiver wire and on your current bench. So basically you're giving up close to nothing for Tyreek Hill. Good trade for you even with Hill out a while.
  10. I dropped Penny to pick up Hardman so I'd say Hardman. Penny is a good handcuff who could come into opportunity, but Hardman has already come into opportunity.
  11. Yep. I'm also starting McCoy over Mixon this week for similar reasons.
  12. I like the Mixon/Sanders side better. Its a pretty fair trade but would give your side the edge.
  13. On the who will be the hot waiver wire pickup after this week prediction thread, I predicted that Gesicki will go off this week and panicky OJ Howard owners will pick him up and start him next week where he'll drop a zero and Howard will go off on their benches 🙂.
  14. I'd keep Diggs. Vikings will throw more than 10 passes most weeks (really every other week this season). They only really pass to Thielen, Diggs, and Cook most of the time so you can sustain fantasy WRs on low volume passing teams on a team like that, more than teams like the Cardinals and Eagles who spread passes all around. While the Vikings run heavy offense is reason for some concern, people are overreacting and selling Diggs and Thielen low. They will still get theirs.