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  1. Interested if any teams still left.
  2. I'm interested but for some reason can't send emails. My email is
  3. I'll take Chelsea if still there.
  4. I'm interested. I can probably join in by the end of the day.
  5. He'll be covered like syrup on french toast.
  6. Seriously considering over Matt Ryan
  7. How about the fact this Hunt incident happened after most FF waiver the quickest on the draw got Ware out of Free Agency
  8. Trying to keep my top spot in my division this week. Need a win but have byes/injuries to my RBs. Full PPR. My RBs David Johnson James White (Bye) Matt Breida (Bye) Chris Thompson (Hurt) Nyheim Hines (Currently my only option) Top RBs on waivers Josh Adams Rashad Penny Royce Freeman Quiz Rodgers Should I just roll with Hines (meh) or grab one of the RBs off waivers and drop Hines?
  9. White is straight smoke. Ride this train and don't look back. Belichick is finally using him to his potential. In 1pt PPR he is a lock every week and will potentially win you your season.
  10. I have a big interest in Pryor and am contemplating swapping Kelvin Benjamin for him and cutting ties with this Bills disaster. This is solely a grab in case Pryor breaks out tonight. 12 team full PPR. Thoughts?