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  1. So far I’m liking the product. Seems like the NFL with a lot of the fat cut off. It’s not constant commercials and flags. I hope this league sticks around for awhile. I’m considering becoming a Stallions fan.
  2. Yeah but still made the play that had the biggest impact.
  3. I think mvp should go to the dude who picked Goff late in the 4th. Won the game
  4. Real snoozer this year that’s for sure
  5. Well, yeah play a full quarter is what I would like to see. Even an 8 minute quarter.
  6. Honestly, Pats we’re not dominating the whole game. They had to make a comeback and were saved by a phantom roughing call. Still a great game though
  7. Even a shortened quarter like other sports would make sense.
  8. I think it can work in the playoffs. I understand with the pay structure not the regular season but in a win or go home situation. Absolutely
  9. Playoffs overtime should be a full quarter if still tied another one until it’s not tied. More excitement more revenue win win for everyone.
  10. What are Vegas odds of CJ Anderson super bowl mvp lol.
  11. I still feel in the playoffs it should just be one full 15 minute quarter. If still tied another. Until game is over.
  12. Goodell would never go against Kraft
  13. Is Williams worth a look in the first round next year?