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  1. The NFL is still trying to figure out after 100 years what a catch is. It seems more and more to me its just a flawed sport or it rigged for profit.
  2. I was complaining about the call then when it worked i changed mid sentence and said he is a genius. The whole ending of the game was dictated by the refs. Both sides could complain. I am a huge football fan but the NFL is putting out a crap product. The rules change too often unlike other sports. In baseball a .300 hitter is comparable in any post war era. In football stats fepend on the rules that year. End rant
  3. As a Denver homer i felt it was the wrong call. If at home tie it. Sure it worked out but more times then not it wouldnt. I also felt govong the Bears an instant timeout was also lame. Not sure of the precident there.
  4. I think its reasonable to give Garrett Bolles the 1st round bust tag at this point.
  5. Any updates to to Brees injury? Looked like broken finger/hand
  6. Bolles is lighting it up in my 12 team holding penalty league
  7. In postion to kick a tyeing field goal and you throw it up in double coverage. Lol
  8. Im a football card collecting nerd and there is quite a bit of hype around Rudolph.