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  1. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    Fournettes I can understand but Cook? That's just silly
  2. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Only if it happens after the trade deadline. Best time to miss/lose your1st rd player player in in the first 3 weeks so you can recover via trade or waiver wire. That why I don't care about who drafts who in the 1sr round out of the consensus top 12, you still have 8 starting slots to fill and a bench to manage for a season. People act like they win or lose championships based on their 1st round pick. You really don't, you win or lose by missing on a few picks.
  3. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    When was it determined he would be the clear starter?
  4. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Was he related to Keanu? Never heard of the guy but cool name.
  5. Adrian Peterson 2018 Outlook

    Pass on AP, it's time to let go maybe you get 1 big game out of him and the rest of the weeks he is eating up ur roster spot that can be used for guys who get hot and move into elite status.
  6. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    For the record Dez was never a fast twitch guy who could burn defenses with his first step, he was considered slow for a wr specifically because his speed builds up instead of having burst.
  7. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    landry got a huge contract for a slot wr so it's easy to be team first when you are locked in. OBJ may be team a mature team leader when he gets his big contract too.
  8. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    Assuming you view both their situations as equal 1. you take Dj to play it safe 2. you take barkley because you like a bit of risk and the shiny new toy. Either way both will be the workhorse rb's for their teams that will use them as the focal point of the offense but I'm not sure what you will get from either of those teams overall given new coaches,etc. I think the Cards carry more QB risk with a fragile Bradford and a rookie as the backup so I give the giants/barkley the edge
  9. Saquon Barkley 2018 Outlook

    probably more of an outlook on the team, do u want the workhorse for the Cards or the workhorse for the Giants
  10. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    I searched real hard but couldn't find that elusive photo of Dorsey shaking Rishard Higgins hands on his 1st day of training camp
  11. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    FYI for those with untrained eyes JOSH GORDON IS NOT WEARING PADS underneath his jersey. That's pure gainz
  12. Josh Gordon 2018 Outlook

    John Dorsey and the Browns welcomed back Josh Gordon this weekend. (John Kuntz, cleveland.com) Oh yeah it looks like Dorsey is REALLY going to make Josh Gordon EARN his spot position back on the team. . . look at that death grip of discipline
  13. Alvin Kamara 2018 Outlook

    Why do people keep discounting he plays for the Saints, one of the most prolific offenses in terms of scoring points and moving the ball? Kamara is not on an offense that struggles to move the ball and the joker rb is immune to the gamescript.
  14. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    You hear plenty of times when guys are being recruited in FA and team leaders reach out to the FA via phone call face to face etc. it's very professional. All organizations do it for someone they really want.
  15. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    I don't get it, The Browns fly Dez in for a meeting with the senior staff and execs but at no point do they have the starting QB or the highest paid vet wr on the team pop into the meeting to say hello and shake hands and say hope you can work with us? What type of recruitment is that?