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  1. Odell Beckham Jr 2018 Season Outlook

    again that makes zero sense. He is a phenomenal talent there is no leverage to the seller in a secret trade negotiation. Unless you think secrecy without knowing what the rest of the competition would pay is leverage. Like 'hey buddy i'm going to offer u OBJ but don't tell anyone else because this offer is just for you if u pay my price" Leverage comes into play if you have multiple proposals and you use one proposal to influence the increase of another proposal because neither side wants to lose to the other so you attempt to extract maximum or excessive valuation. A leak could enhance that leverage because the parties involved want to eliminate a dark horse bidder who may emerge. Generally speaking the more bidders the better for your valuation on a premium asset. So there is really no leverage in secrecy for a talent such as OBJ. There is a reason why a Van Gogh painting is almost always sold in a public auction format. a private transaction ususally occurs when the seller needs an immediate sale for immediate cash and cant afford to wait for a build up in valuation via an auction. There is a sound rationale as to why auctions set record prices because irrational bidding emerges.
  2. Odell Beckham Jr 2018 Season Outlook

    That makes zero sense. Leaks have zero o do with his trade value if anything leaks could attract the attention of potential trade partner to make a proposal.
  3. Josh Doctson 2018 Season Outlook

    i'll add another piece to your puzzle Gruden stated last preseason that the thing they lacked in the passing game for 2016 was size and specifically in the redzone where he wanted Kirk to pass end zone corner fades to big body wr;s. So he brought in Pryor and Quick both over 6'3 to play with or even replace an injury prone doctson who is 6'4, so he had a trio of big wr's. They didnt score one end zone corner fade to any of them last season if I remember correctly aside from TP catching one in training camp Quick was resigned Richardson is 6'0 Seems like they need another big body wr to replace Pryor Maybe they will actually throw some end zone fades this year
  4. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    I wasnt making an argument for britt i was making the argument that they are essentially the same player which s why i put them in the same category, scroll up to the initial post and u will see what I am referring to
  5. Josh Doctson 2018 Season Outlook

    Gruden has always publicly stated that he wanted Kirk to give his wr's a chance to make a play on the ball in 50/50 situations and in tight coverage. Kir has publicly maintained that if he made the throws Gruden wanted him to make he would have a significant turnover ratio which wasnt worth the risk. He prefers to move the chains hitting the open man going through his progressions than turnover the ball in designed chunk play scenarios. He is the perfect fit for the Vikings because the defense will make his life easier
  6. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    Why would u bet on 2 players who are basically the same fantasy irrelevant?
  7. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    Kenny Britt and Pryor are the exact same age are about the same build and similar speed. Two years ago both had similar seasons with Britt on an arguably worse team and last year they both had similar seasons on completely different teams. britt has always faced the 'potential;' gap same as Pryor Theoretically Britt could have his best season with hoodie who has a record of turning around discarded to average vets from other teams I think we saw peak TP.
  8. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    he was 3rd on the depth chart there was no other wr's around him unless u want to count barnridge as one
  9. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    2 seasons but at 29yrs old, how much better are you going to get as an NFL wr? How many 29yr old 'potemtia;' wr1 are there in the league?
  10. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    TP has fallen into the Kenny Britt/Kendall Wright/Dorial green beckham category of wr. . . every season you say he could be a value pick with upside if and or but
  11. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    Led is an inaccurate qualifier. Pryor was #3 on the depth chart and RG3 was the starting QB. RG3 got hurt week1. Josh went back into rehab, Corey Coleman broke his hand. Enter the B and C team combo of mcown+kessler+pryor
  12. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    I honestly hopes he has another highlight video catch in training camp and his draft stock shoots up. I want people to overpay for tertiary wr's this season.
  13. Terrelle Pryor 2018 Outlook

    In Washington pryor did a terrible job of coming back for the ball when kirk was scrambling and he wasnt very good at making his blocks downfield. if its just a go rout and the QB chucks it to him he should be fine.
  14. New York Jets 2018 Season Outlook

    yeah it just doesnt move me. terelle pryor has shown he isnt a game changing talent. he's just another struggling wr with the height and sped coaches love and the league is full of struggling wr's.
  15. He is more like wr Kevin White on the bears has never played a season healthy. Prosise has yet to play more than 1/3 of a season. He is dead to me.