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  1. keenum will make either the slot wr, TE or pass catching rb a fantasy stud. . . but we don't know those players are andneither does the team πŸ˜‚
  2. That would be more likely if you are speaking of a 30yr rb but not a 23yr old rb. As long as they are healthy and talented they will be used.
  3. because currently guice is rehabbing so it's safe to assume as of today until he is cleared he will not begin the season as the primary ball carrier. the minute he is medically cleared to full participation and not on a count or wearing a special no contact jersey you can assume he will compete for primary role
  4. On a serious note if i was a NYG season ticket holder or I had free gameday parking for my RV from a buddy who works for the organization. . i would sell them on stubhub and purchase the cable NFL gameday package because I could enjoy the Giants get mauled weekly from the comfort of my own home. 🀣 Gettleman literally dismantled all of the talent from this team and is building around a rb. . . maybe πŸ€ͺ
  5. this why I'm all in on Lamar 100yds on the ground 25passes a game with a TD pass or 2.
  6. I thought he was a headcase, personally but that doesnt make him a locker room problem or a bad teammate. I think he wasnt very professional in his behavior and was more focused on the OBJ brand than the OBJ football career. it seemed like football was secondary to his celebrity.
  7. In todays social media age I think any negative news would have been exposed. His teammates publicly appear to have liked him distraction or not
  8. Dude why are you going on about taking sides when none are taken? You are spreading misinformation because you have a bias and you obviously don't know the facts The facts are: 1.the victim wanted to press charges and she wanted police to look at the hotel surveillance. The police could not do that because they didnt have a warrant to get the footage. The victim was told she could pursue charges by filing with the city prosecutor. All of this is on camera. She chose not to file charges with the proesecutor. 2. A witness in Hunts group gave a statement to police the victim used a racial slur 3. Everyone admits there was an altercation however the extent was unknown until video was obtained by a celeb gossip site So once again slur->violence->police investigation does not equal domestic violence, instead it was ASSAULT, which was my point. There is no side and no need for the victims story as you claim. These are the official facts. πŸ‘ˆ
  9. No reporting from teammates he was a locker room problem however he did throw his team and city under the bus in an interview with the rapper Little Wayne next to him. So despite his faults he aired his opinions publicly
  10. Facts according to the reporting. There is also a video with the police questioning witnesses on the scene in the lobby if you can find it on social media. So you think an entire group of people ALL lied to the police who had to file an official report? You do know the police did their job or did that escape you? 😱 it doesnt matter WHY he attacked her given he was the one committing assault. Again my point was IT WASNT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. I suggest you read the preceding posts to gain context 🀫
  11. Your reading comprehension is lacking but that is evident given your bias.✊ I didnt bash berry's opinion I stated it's as VALID(key word) as any other which means they are not worth much πŸ‘‰ "His comments are as valid as any other comments being thrown around at the combine which means they aren't worth much." So if you process that statement for a second it means i don't value his opinion any more or less than another made during the combine. . .πŸ€” nor did i state my opinion should be more valuable, that's simply you casting an aspersion Wow you are really planting your flag on this Berry Hill. . .πŸ˜†
  12. Maybe you missed the part where i statedπŸ‘‰ .. . . His comments are as valid as any other comments being thrown around at the combine which means they aren't worth much. πŸ‘ˆ Basically Berry is providing HEARSAY, which means he is giving an OPINION and not a verifiable fact. The NFL combine is full of coaches/GM's front office types giving misinformation and standard organizational speech. they are not revealing what they are truly thinking and planning. Gettleman stated at the combine OBJ was not available for a trade. . and then OBJ was traded. 😱 That's my OPINION. πŸ‘οΈ Why do people get so touchy about OPINIONS? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ Seriously why are you getting so defensive about opinions? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I state why I don't value Berry's OPINION. I didnt say he is stupid or I don't like him. I stated he is an entertainer former writer with no NFL insider background and his OPINION is as good as any other which means it isnt worth much. πŸ‘€ Matthew Berry has never been a verifiable source of NFL breaking news on player and team moves. Never🧐
  13. You do realize you hedged your emphatically bold statement 😝