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  1. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Buddy of mine was telling me the power run game is the new wave because colleges are gravitating back to it because linebackers the last 15yrs have been getting smaller. They have been used more for covering pass catchers Te/rb instead of being run stoppers, so smart college coaches are pivoting towards power rb's for mismatches. I dont follow college football so i'm not sure if this is the case
  2. Carson Wentz 2017 Season Outlook

    Foles was going to retire before pederson convinced him to sign what is a structured 2yr contract as the backup so not sure what his trade values is. Send him to The Browns for a season or 2 while they grrom the franchise QB would love to see him feed Josh Gordon with that big arm of his.
  3. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Alshon looks like he is finally healthy and was smart to take a prove it deal with the eagles
  4. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    terrible time to not show up and on top of that you are the primetime game
  5. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    a full qtr to go for a blowout game on national tv. The network cant cut away and teh teams cant put in subs this early. terrible
  6. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    I still dont understand why the cheerleaders routinees are almost never televised given the money they make for teams with calendar sales and local apearances
  7. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Exercise vs exorcise .. . What are u the prep school English teacher?
  8. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    or pay up for kirk Cousins and have a vet QB with the passing skills ready to go with their defense. Vikings biggest talent gap is high level QB play. They are really on the cusp of SB play
  9. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    I'm happy for Eagles fans, they need to exercise the failures of Reid and the embarassment of chip kelley
  10. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    Nick Foles contemplated retiring and now he will play in the SB
  11. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    He has played well but I think the coaches want a game changing QB who can make the big play by stretching the field. Keenum doesnt have the arm for a downfield game. FA mkt is going to heat up.
  12. So many coaches allowed themselves to get out coached by Hoodie after the 1st half of football, it's truly amazing.
  13. 1-21-18 NFC Championship Game Vikings @ Eagles

    If the Vikings lose this game Case Keenum will not be the starting QB next season
  14. I'm ok with Hoodie getting another ring, it's the obnoxious Brady Bunch Boy Band members who are insufferable
  15. Funny you say that because I dont recall rabid Pats fans until they started winning unless they were from the 'New England' area
  16. The NFL ad rates and viewership ratings are safe they get to spend the next couple of weeks hyping up the overhyped Patriots and make gobs of money selling another historic game and this SB they will immediately bronze Bradys game jersey and have it guarded by the National Guard to prevent theft.
  17. Other than his overanalytical ' was that a catch" he;s entertaining
  18. Giselle is going to yell at someone after teh game
  19. there was nothing blatant about that helmet to helmet, dude was targeting where he thought the ball would be. Gronk is so massive he was literally falling on top of the db when he was hit. you are analyzing in slow motion replay and when these guy are playing they are in full motion speed
  20. you are not going to beat the pats making unforced errors. . .tighten up Jax
  21. I really hate the way yeldon runs, Why are you standing up dude? you get zero leverage
  22. So which jax player is hoodie focused on taking out of the game? I'm having a hard time figuring it out
  23. simple runs and play action pass on a suspect defense? I agree