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  1. same thing, Nuk PId again by peters, nothing called. TRASH2x
  2. Ive never started tyrell on his td weeks, only recently when i sent juju to the bench in favor of him, he is killing me
  3. hard to see my team being a dumpster fire year after year after year after year. Also, ive seen lesser "catches" not being overturnt than Ryan's
  4. Everyone be praising NE defense that they take away opponents biggest strength. SO i mean, their previous teams best strenghts were??? Davante Parker? LevBell behind a sh**ty line, rookie terry mclauren, *whatever the Giants have*(no barkley that game), Josh Allen and OBJ who isnt really doing much this year (chubb ran all over em)? Tts42572 says he needs 100 yards rushing and a TD to be solid? So thats 16 points, absolutely solid... but you gotta have some additional passing yards right? That takes you way over 20 points. I wouldnt be mad if he finishes somewhere around 60-75yd rushing, 200 passing and a passing TD. And dont tell me this is an unrealistic expectation.
  5. hits: avoid Montgomery, Damien Williams, Kerryon Go for Tevin Coleman everywhere (apart from injury, good) misses: Robert woods instead of kupp few rounds later Promised myself to never draft a QB earlier than 10th round, and I got tempted and took Cam at 8, felt like BPA. drafting Miles sanders everywhere Oj Howard ofc
  6. Bum, drop for a handcuff of my top RB
  7. how do the jets go from beating the cowboys, then 2 games later being a trashcan again. unwatchable
  8. Why cant that be reviewed tho? Like, he threw the ball and the defenders didnt stop pursuit at the whistle so why call it back.
  9. Picked up Melvin Gordon week 1 after his owner dumped him, 1 week before, I traded away josh jacobs and robert woods for DEANDRE HOPKINS, anticipating that I have an RB1 and a WR1 ROS. Now that I sent away Jacobs who seems to be better than Gordon, and hopkins isnt doing me much favor. YAHOO
  10. That moment when you wish Mason rudolph would salvage your WRs season. Honestly I'd drop him for robby Anderson..
  11. Almost had a TD, i Just got this guy, and it looks okay, but i could do with more than 5y slant passes thank you
  12. playing in 2 leagues, faced complete minnesota offense today, diggs, thielen, cook.
  13. whoever drafted this guy has massive headaches most likely. Dropped him earlier, now this