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  1. I agree with youngrice, wait another week. Ajayi will go down soon enough and then clement should be able to cover your RB2
  2. Should I drop Isaiah Crowell to pick up Austin Ekler? Both seem like long holds at this point but I like Ekler's ceiling more.
  3. Adam Thielen 2018 Outlook

    ^owner of thielen who is also seeing the same thing. Seemed like in this last one he only got yards on direct screen plays
  4. Not liking the practice news on Fournette, I'm in the first playoff match and am about to start Jamal over him. Packers are at Carolina, who actually have let up some bad averages to Saints and Vikings RBs. I figure with ARod back they should be getting around the endzone and Jamal still catches a lot out of the backfield. Thoughts?
  5. Jared Cook 2017 Outlook

    Denver actually gave up 6-39-1 to Clay against Buffalo and 10-97-1 to Witten for Dallas (at home). I'm starting Cook over Witten vs Rams this week.
  6. So I have Julio and am wondering which other 2 WR's to start. Martavis at Chicago DT at Buffalo Parker at Jets The guy I'm against has already started Hyde ): so I'm looking for a big game. Was honestly leaning towards Martavis and Parker.
  7. Ty Montgomery 2017 Season Outlook

    Just got him basically for AJ Green...it may have been a lot but I feel real good about it. Needed a solid RB...ALL ABOARD!