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    22 minutes ago, PlayTheWaivers said:

    What is this guy's value ROS? With the right end position in shambles, isn't he worth like a 6-7 ppg upgrade vs just a waiver guy? That's substantial no?

    I have him valued around the same as Jimmy G. right now. Gets more targets and runs farther routes but has a worse QB throwing to him. Above Trey burton and Rudolph.

  2. Odell's night wouldn't have been terrible if that TD target had been thrown just a little bit more to the corner. He's getting the targets, but like everyone says Eli's immobility + weak pass blocking doesn't give time for the plays to develop. Holding Odell for these weaker defenses coming up. I think his value can only go up. 

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  3. My team is pretty stacked at wide receivers and I'm wondering if I should make a move for Le'veon. I'm 2-2 in standard league. He wants Odell and Sanders...which I think is overpaying slightly but could pay off if Le'veon actually plays and/or is traded. 


    My Team

    QB: Patrick Mahomes, Carson Wentz

    RB: Kamara, Lynch, AP, Ekeler

    WR: Ridley, Tyreek, Sanders, JuJu, Beckham

    TE: Burton, Kittle


    His Team

    QB: Goff, Winston

    RB: James Connor, Devonta Freeman, Ingram, Bell, Clement

    WR: Lockett, Marvin Jones , K. ALlen, Enunwa, A. Robinson, C. Kirk

    TE: Graham


    Should I even make moves? Am I giving up way too much? He wouldn't do just Odell


  4. Completely depends on who you have at tight end (Rudolph has at least been playable). If you have a semblance of a starter then I'd go for it. Fitz isn't doing too hot and Josh Gordon / Drake could both return solid value (might take a few weeks so hopefully you have some wins under your belt) 

  5. So in our standard league (no flex, 3WR, 2RB, 1QB) I have way too many WRs. I have been targeting the Bell owner for a possible trade but am unsure if that's who I should even be going for. Was hoping some of you fantasy pros could check out my team and see if there are any good trades to go for. 


    My Team

    QB: Mahomes, Wentz
    RB: Alvin, AP, Marshawn, Ekeler
    WR: Tyreek, JuJu, Ridley, Odell, Sanders
    TE: Kittle, Burton


    His Team
    QB: Goff
    RB: Ingram, James Connor, Peyton Barber, Leveon, Clement, Freeman
    WR: Marvin Jones, Keenan Allen, Tyler Locket, Quincy Enunwa, Christian Kirk, Allen Robinson
    TE: Jimmy Graham 

    Maybe move Odell + someone else for Bell? Let me know, WHIR! I'm not doing anything at work xD 



  6. Not liking the practice news on Fournette, I'm in the first playoff match and am about to start Jamal over him. Packers are at Carolina, who actually have let up some bad averages to Saints and Vikings RBs. I figure with ARod back they should be getting around the endzone and Jamal still catches a lot out of the backfield.  Thoughts?


    23 hours ago, floppy said:

    good game but bench against Denver or is he a guy that you play week in and week out? (tired aggravated hunter henry owner)


    Denver actually gave up 6-39-1 to Clay against Buffalo and 10-97-1 to Witten for Dallas (at home). I'm starting Cook over Witten vs Rams this week.