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  1. Half PPR. Desperate for a RB. WRs are Adams (GB), Evans (TB), Kirk (ARI), McLaurin (WAS), Samuel (CAR) and P. Campbell (IND). RBs are Carson (SEA), Sanders (PHI), Coleman (SF), Johnson (HOU) and Samuels (PIT). Have the offer waiting what do you guys think? WHIR!
  2. He’s a great catch short and create after the catch guy. it is also documented that he has been good at getting separation throughout his career and backup QBs love throwing to wide open receivers. Can’t say it’s better than Cam but it’s hard to see how it could be worse.
  3. Kelce doesn’t have his bye til week 12, Hockenson in DETs low volume offense is the easy drop. I’d drop him for other waiver wire options too.
  4. It is easier to recieve handoffs than it is to learn a playbook and it’s pass routes, protections and more. Time should help Duke.
  5. I know, Hyde has looked very solid but Duke’s skill set should be being used to open things up
  6. Stubbornness and arrogance is the issue with both of them. O’Brien believes “if I hand it to Hyde and he’s average I can win by 3 points if the defense/ Watson make a handful of plays by themselves”. Watson seems ready to die on the hill of “If I can hold the ball for 5 seconds there’s a 30 yard chunk/ 50 yard TD waiting for me.” While sometimes that’s true, more often in his case it’s a sack due to atrocious offensive line play. Duke Johnson could serve as a versatile chess piece but BOB seems content letting plodders plod.
  7. Should be useful in the correct game scripts. That defense is not built to stop good offenses and they don’t get to play 6th round rookie QBs in archaic offenses every week. Seems to me he his a predictable puzzle piece ( an overdrafted one at that) can be useful in games that HOU has to pass.
  8. Half PPR, My team is: RB Chris Carson RB Duke Johnson RB Miles Sanders RB Malcolm Brown WR Davante Adams WR Mike Evans WR Curtis Samuel WR Christian Kirk TE George Kittle
  9. Half PPR, Donte Moncrief vs SEA or Christian Kirk @ BAL ?
  10. Half point PPR, my offer to the Gurley owner despite my RBs being Chris Carson, Duke Johnson and Miles Sanders. Should I do it or rescind the offer?
  11. High ankle sprains are a killer, he won’t be useable his first week back. I think he’s a drain on your roster when you can drop him and wait and see
  12. [...] Once we get Sproles out of the way he should become rather valuable.