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  1. Ryan Grant 2018 Outlook

    Could be a sleeper this week vs the eagles. Week 1 exploded as luck needed to get rid of it quickly due to playing a team with a pass rush. Bengals have 6 sacks in 2 games. Week 2: had time to throw vs the skins who have 3 sacks in 2 games. Plus, only got 2 vs cardinals. Eagles have 6 through 2 games. Doyle is OUT. Ebron will be decent but they won’t be able to run. Call me crazy but but I think we do grant more like his great week 1 on Sunday. Opportunity is there. Chester Rogers has only played about 50% of snaps.
  2. Buy Low on McShady? WHIR

    Stay away bills will be behind every game. They will start to look at others the final 5 weeks of the season
  3. Antonio Callaway 2018 Outlook

    I feel callaway is another D Jax waiting to happen. Maybe 5 targets a game and will need to have a high % catch rate to work in ff.
  4. What can I get for Demaryius? WHIR

    More like a fitzgerald Robert woods marvin Jones
  5. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Traded James white for Corey Davis. Flex worthy until ingram gets back and plugs in for my 2 wr bye weeks.
  6. Gio Bernard or Corey Clement?

    Clement for me if ajayi is out
  7. Blockbuster for Gronk, WHIR

    I would hold
  8. Trade Gronk for Tyreek Hill?

    Do it then flip a wr for a much needed rb
  9. Michel if you need a rb
  10. Pick 2 WR WHIR

    Cooper and Landry
  11. Pickup Stills or Woods? WHIR

    Morris for woods
  12. Help at Wide Receiver and Flex Please - WHIR

    Dalton and diggs try and trade 1 of diggs or thielen for sure