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  1. James Conner 2018 Outlook

    I sold Conner earlier in the year for an upgrade at wr. Conner has done very well but I’ve got 3 really good rbs already
  2. Must win week, help me with FLEX and RB2 WHIR

    Lindsey woods cook
  3. Enough to Move Thielen? WHIR

    Push for me
  4. MVS vs. Golden Tate ROS

    Tate by far
  5. Le'Veon Bell 2018 Outlook

    —- time left until Thread closed until next football season—- T minus 2hrs and 37 minutes (giving it an hour past the deadline for other msc. Info)
  6. 2018 Completed Trades Thread

    Whaaaaaatttt?? Wow, great for you
  7. Odell Beckham Jr. 2018 Outlook

    Could have been a ridiculous game first play of the game he had tons of space to run if he catches that ball eli checking out to a run play when he’s wide open several other factors but a good game overall!
  8. Start Sanders or Keenan Allen

    Allen for me
  9. Trade for Juju? WHIR

    Any one of the rbs not named gordon, Conner, or mixon may have to throw back a WR if you offer Coleman for sure and maybe even the others
  10. to tinker or not? Gurley trade - WHIR 100.54%

    I would NOT do this trade hurt big at WR and cook is good depth at rb
  11. I’m iffy but I think they keep Eli in they know the backup is crap and will let Eli go out in a good way
  12. Eli needs to check out if that or something. My gosh, 3 straight runs? man they are in love with Saquon but need to realize they have odell as well. They can’t win by running it 20 times for 2-3 yards
  13. 2 straight runs up the middle from the 10 yard line??? then finally to odell