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  1. Giants weren’t really THAT bad tbh. They played better in the second half of the year. He will be a top 3 pick, but keep an eye on the QB situation as well. Barkley was the exception as he got a lot of dump offs. He is a great player and will be drafted as such. The main thing is hitting on a pick that could bounce back. 2 years ago it was Matt forte for me last year it was gurley in the new offense this year m gordon, although had a good ‘17 season
  2. A couple rules I always have: DND a player with a major injury history AND DND a player coming off a season ending injury, (ACL, etc). Example for 2019: hunter Henry , yes I know he’s back. McKinnon, AJG, skittle man, guice #1 DND, Freeman, Baldwin, Jimmy g DND #2 Shy away from rbs on crappy teams Know what coaches speak the truth in off season/ pre season. I like Cohen before but didn’t pick him. Nagy loved the guy all off season. Should have known something was up as he hardly played in the preseason. You will be forced to make trades, your draft hardly pans out especially in 14+ teamers. I won my league for the second year in a row but made a lot of trades. Got lucky playoff time. Start the studs. Always been a big fan of it if they are healthy. This fantasy playoff season was insane and won’t be duplicated again imo. So many duds
  3. Won my league again back to back championships thanks to... Robby Anderson WW late add this season
  4. #24 in the league in touchback % for kickoffs punter: allowed 22 of 54 to be returned Its a good matchup
  5. I’m actually sure the NFL, teams, and players DO care about it more than you would think. Some players contracts are structured for yardage bonuses. I would hate to lose out on a big bonus by 1 yard over something like this. Plus, I would imagine the NFL employs several statisticians at first i thought, who cares. But after consideration, they probably do a lot.
  6. Looks like BB on 29.5 yard line. Samuels at about the 30 and he gets it in his hands at the 30 yard line. I tried to slow frames down but it doesn’t look like it went forward.
  7. I actually don’t see it going forward here in the video.
  8. I would have suggested grabbing someone to block him, especially if he lost a RB but the cowboys defense is available? Go get them ASAP If your league pays for 3rd place, have a backup plan because I’m not sure why dallas D is on waivers. The other owners in that matchup may get them. 2nd claim- ballage 3rd claim- Williams
  9. DJ and Michel dont fall for the hype on Williams. GB o line hurting. Plus, you bet they will see what Bibbs has to offer after just claiming him
  10. I would start dak over cam with Carolina done, they could pull him if his shoulder gets worse. You obviously could see he was hurting during the game. That hit he took early really got to him
  11. His groin is the only thing that would keep him out. Philbin wants the guys to play. Plus, they haven’t won on the road all year, you bet they want a W vs the jets. Plus, Rodgers said he wants to play as well. Interesting things on their website.
  12. He’s playing for sure. That was al made up I think. Rodgers will be out there
  13. Made it to the finals without him. Imo, could be tough for Baltimore. 5 days rest and travel out West vs a LA team who played on TNF? Dang
  14. I’m only in one league but I’m shocked this guy is not mentioned yet: zeke elliott. He’s on my team in the finals but has been producing. 15 points in a 1/2 ppr was his lowest in a while. Devante Adams is another but my league size is 16
  15. No shares at all here incoming 20+ point game today they have been saving him, he will unleash today vs Pittsburgh