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  1. Seems like every week Royce is getting more and more involved and passing Lindsay as well in the process. I was surprised that Royce was targeted 7 times through the air, caught 5 for 48 yards.
  2. I would be concerned starting him regarding the matchup but according to your lineup I would bench McCoy. This Vikings defense is no joke and I feel a lot of clock will be drained by their running game
  3. I'm firing Robinson up in my flex instead of Jacobs if that matters, I feel like both teams won't be able to run the ball efficiently. This will be a passing game for sure and Robinson played 92% of the snaps last week...a deep bomb with a TD is what I expect
  4. Same here, he is in my flex. Hope it's more of a week 2 instead of week 1 outcome regarding touches in the bucs backfield. Also, didn't barber have 106 rushing yards with a TD against the Giants last season...this defense is significantly worse than last season
  5. Anyone confidently starting him tomorrow vs the Giants?
  6. I would like to add this as well: have you seen these deep bombs from Cam last two weeks? Allen is definitely being underestimated
  7. I am going to leave this just here.... http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/0ap3000001005512/Kyle-Allen-s-best-throws-from-first-career-start-Week-17
  8. kupp 19 targets, woods 15 targets (2 second week hmm?), cook 10 targets all through 2 games. I really thought Cooks would lead this team but wow has Kupp been great since the injury. Kupp seems to be at the top of the pecking order and is clearly his fav red zone target as well. In short, I guess I am concerned with cooks..
  9. If I was a Gurley owner, I would try to find the owner that has Malcom brown and trade for him....ASAP
  10. Gurley did not practice yesterday and will only practice 2 days a week according to McVay? Malcolm Brown keeps looking better and better.... small sample size but week 2 will definitely confirm the usage for both. I expect a good game for both RB's especially since we saw the Texans put 180 rushing yards against the saints.
  11. How come there is no love for Malcolm Brown? I feel that he is worth the #1 claim miles ahead of these rookies WR
  12. Diggs will be suiting up today, I'm assuming everyone will start him today knowing the hamstring situation? Even a 80% diggs would torch the falcons defense.
  13. His preferred spot is actually the niners, I would be surprised if Brown won't sign with them.
  14. Jacobs is so elusive and quick, the hard knocks camara crew can't seem to find him....honestly I haven't seen him in any of the four episodes but anyway...Montgomery should have a good season. I can't wait for week 1 to see his usage or lack off(hope not)
  15. McCoy has been on the decline for a while