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  1. If the refs dont give the pats a huge penalty differential, eagles can win. Hard enough to beat bastard brady and big bill without the refs calling 10 to 1 penalties.
  2. God, let it be Vikings v Jags super bowl please! I can happily watch that without caring who wins. My picks tho....Jags v Vikings lol Super bowl: Vikings. Feel good story.
  3. Le'Veon Bell 2017 Season Outlook

    @SuperJoint actually he spent all last off season whining abt his contract and he spent the year before whining about his injury. He Also whined after a slow start last year because he was whining about his contract in the off season. He whined in 2015 when he had lower usage rate in certain games and situations. 👍but to each their own. whine*
  4. Le'Veon Bell 2017 Season Outlook

    Take 2018 off or retire if he gets tagged again lol. Retire your whiney prick.
  5. NFL Division Round -- Picks

    Ill get 2 out of 4 like the wild card round cause i suck. Falcons Pats Steelers Saints ---tough one
  6. Leonard Fournette 2017 Season Outlook

    8 man boxes and a mediocre at best offensive line, a mediocre passing game can do that. Remember todd gurley last year? Rams invested in an offensive line and got its passing game going and he faired much better this year. Granted he is always injured and I dont think he is a first rounder by any means.
  7. 1-7-18 Wildcard Game: Panthers @ Saints Game Thread

    CMON saint! Don’t let cam beat you.
  8. Glad jags won. Nobody wants to see the bills anymore. Including bills fans.
  9. 1-7-18 Wildcard Game: Panthers @ Saints Game Thread

    MCCaffrey lol
  10. NFL Wild Card Playoffs -- Picks

    WELL missed these two games so see y’all next season. Didn’t know wild card game was equivalent to high school football. ✌️
  11. Seems right. Magic is a douche
  12. Wild card = hs football
  13. God I hope they don’t make the super bowl. After last yr they should never be a contender again.
  14. Cmon rams!! A punt at the F’in 40... call your guys off. What a dumb a** play
  15. They kinda did... not a very tough schedule this yr.