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  1. Julio Jones 2018 Outlook

    Took a mini beating on that one lol
  2. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    @DerrickHenrysCleats I can agree to disagree and respect your opinion, I think his opportunity has been there though as inconsistent as that has been. This is how I feel Derrick Henry’s year goes to us FF guys: - He goes off 4 weeks in and you miss his good game due to his bad start/lack of usage etc. - Now he has your confidence and you play him and he does nothing for one reason or another. - Henry then goes back to the bench. - He puts together 2-3 bad fantasy starts. - Henry goes off again and he is on the bench. - Repeat. in fantasy terms, that’s horrible. Yes you can do research on games and I do, along with everything else. But his “floor” is too low, his ceiling is pretty good and very inconsistent. There’s guys on the wire for one reason or another that could be a better option. I don’t see how Henry is any different than those guys. how many players on the ww have streaks like this: A 5 pt week, 3 pt week, 7pt, 18 point week, 3 pts, 8 pts 4 pts and then 15 point? You’ll see a bunch at end of yr. His stats look pretty good in terms of football overall. For fantasy it’s not. Maybe I’m looking at it wrong or it’s wrong to you. That’s just how I see it after years of waiting for this guys fantasy value to return our investment.
  3. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    The texans should be right up there. Eli cannot scramble and that line is of HS quality. Lots of dump offs to my barkley is one good thing. If they cannot get to eli who is notorious for making bad passes and taking sacks, im gonna stream the lions ros and not check my team lol.
  4. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    great, hug that tight. Because for fantasy purposes, he sucks. he didnt have back to back productive weeks once. he didnt break 100 yards more than twice and he scored 5 tds all yr. 5 times did he get over 9 fantasy points. You have a better shot winning the lotto than henry does becoming a RB1 in fantasy I like the dude, but cmon, fantasy wise, no way.
  5. 2018 Streaming Defense Thread

    Im holding the texans so they can burn me for the second week in a row. Just like the saints week 1 burned me. All these good matchups are going to waste. If they dont get 5 sacks against ELI, and 15 points for the week. Im not checking my team ros
  6. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    No i play to finish second every year (last 3 years) and get burned by 1 guy on the other team who goes off for 40 pts in the championship. Each year ive held henry, each year he rides my bench and I think only once did i play him where he did anything for me. Id say 1 for 10. Even the games murray was out or limited when he had most the touches, he rarely provided us with joy. Hell the titans even sent murray out there with 1 leg and still outproduced henry.
  7. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    thats why i didnt say that. Id drop henry and leave an empty roster spot before plugging him in to watch 10 carries for 2 ypc
  8. Julio Jones 2018 Outlook

    But still have 130 yards and 8 receptions which is good in any format. Its coming, and im predicting 9/121/2 this week.
  9. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    I really just want to know if dhc was his roommate, or a family member or best friend or maybe a 13 yr old who got a high five from him 10 years ago. I think there should be a thread just to find out. Would exceed the number of pages on both Henry and Gordon in less than a day. But cmon, the dude hasnt had an overall good yr fantasy wise his whole career. A couple big games point wise which was probably due to breaking a big run and the rest of the time averaging 2 ypc. He has been on every sites bust/sit em for the last 2 years yet magically he will start being a top 10 fantasy player that everyone should grasp ahold of. Only way this could EVER happen is to be traded to a team more run first than the s--- Titans with a better line, better coach and better overall opportunity. Once henrys contract is up, most likely he will be in another rbbc on an even worse team. Lock this thread until he produces back to back weeks cause nobody in their right mind is playing him unless of injury. His relevance was lost years ago. And the chance he produces good back to back weeks is slim to none. All this is is a couple guys validating the reasons why he sucks, and others validating why he doesnt. Fantasy purposes, hes rb3. RB2 if injury happens to lewis, at best.
  10. Giovani Bernard 2018 Outlook

    He will be good to go. I bet its just to get in some rest since he will be carrying most if not all the load for the backfield. The reporter also listed Rawls out from cramps today lololol
  11. David Njoku 2018 Outlook

    If landry sits, he is going to exceed 10 targets. Wish i could convince myself to grab him and drop cook. Jarvis Landry - WR - Browns Jarvis Landry (knee) is questionable for Week 3 against the Jets. Landry was limited all week on a short week ahead of Thursday night's tilt. It's mildly concerning, but we'd expect Landry to be out there against Gang Green. It's contagious! If Landry were to sit, the Browns would be left with a rag-tag group of Antonio Callaway, Rashard Higgins, and then Duke Johnson.
  12. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    yup, good luck picking the game henry does anything. Tell me when in the last 2 years you have plugged in henry on a consecutive basis with a good feeling? Probably has never happened, and most likely wont with that offense and line. I should also mention, i have ingram waiting in the wings and barkley. So as of now, henry is just a roster spot waste.
  13. Giovani Bernard 2018 Outlook

    Yea it was more sarcasm and to see the s--- i can start lol. bored wednesday. Hopefully Gio can work his magic like last yr. If i start 0-3 i should just pack it up. Esp when i lost both weeks because the defense i stream is top 5 and they end up getting 3 points lol
  14. Giovani Bernard 2018 Outlook

    Thomas Rawls just signed....hope gio still gets his. He is my only back this week besides barkley lol