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  1. His arm and his throwing motion is garbage.
  2. The ravens are an embarrassing offensive team. They need not to win
  3. That was the play I lost on too. I was up after that Russell pass to Baldwin.... if only Baldwin got it. If Barkley didn’t get vultured numerous times. If Julio saw more than one second half target. If Greg didn’t clank that 50 something yarder. 3 years straight, 3 second places. im estatic.
  4. 3rd year in a row I finish second because the other team has a guy that scores 35+. It’s unreal. Fantasy is very lucky. I had 1954 points to his 1450 in the regular season. Lost by 1.64. Unreal
  5. Down 17. Opponent has Damien Williams. I’d say 27 from Wilson and about 15 from kelce
  6. Down 17 with Wilson and kelce in .5 ppr and opponent has Damien Williams. I think I still got this! Watson burned me for 36. 3rd championship in a row. Lost them both, I need this!!
  7. Cooks been shadowed all game by Peterson. I didn’t think that would happen. I’m suffering.
  8. Watson is killing me. Can I get some more Julio and barkley... Where’d they go? Started strong
  9. Of course I sit Leonard. Need mike Evans more than ever
  10. Anything on his ore game warm up? Hopkins has already been out there I assume Julio and the falcons gotta be getting ready.
  11. I think I have to sit him and start cooks. I can’t figure out or get any feeling on this game. That makes me nervous. What’s everyone else doin?
  12. That and this is the finals. He plays, I play him. Simple. I’m not worried one bit. What happens, happens. Let’s do this fellas.