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  1. Chargers better come out with a diff game plan. Couple tds please one to keenan
  2. How strange, throw the ball and get firsts. Run the ball and lose yards.
  3. Down 21 there better be about 15 more targets going to Keenan Allen. Forget the bum rbs. This d line is too good
  4. I was down less than 5 w Keenan Aaron jones and Crosby against the Steelers now I’m down 25. Rivers is a ******** dolt
  5. 2 kicks 10 points. A week after dropping this bum
  6. If dissly ends up being ok in a couple and I can’t scoop him back up. Dropping him for Goff is looking to be very bad. But we are finding out this d looks pretty good. I think the mix up that led to int doesn’t really reflect how this game has been. Pretty good so far. Goff will get it going