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  1. I was really only saying it so when Darnold reads the forum he knows what to expect on his return.
  2. I had mono was I was younger and missed 8th grade graduation. I was fine to play quarterback in the NFL a few weeks later with no rust.
  3. If that's your thought you should pick up Gould now if he's still available to get a head of it.
  4. It's just people being attached to their first round pick like that time jerry reese drafted ereck flowers
  5. Diggs hasn't been this unhappy since picture day
  6. Benched Chubb for Ingram (and DJ & Ekeler) in ppr and lost by 2.6. Benched Godwin for Hollywood in standard and lost by 4.
  7. Looked like he was playing outside and Johnson was in the slot.
  8. McCoy probably just pulled a vontae davis and retired mid game
  9. If Carson fumbles today, Penny's value may never be higher