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  1. hey did you think I got the better end?

    1. iamwill3292


      Ty Montgomery seems to get a lot of touches, and the other dude was Demarco owner as well, so giving up Derrick Henry and Buck Allen wasn't easy, but I want a starter RB2 to go along with Leveon.  Could use your opinion g.

    2. FFdisciple


      I classify Ty as a RB1 right now.  His massive workload and TD's so far is awesome.  Henry is hard to give up right now but Ty his incredible upside and a explosive offense.  Buck is a low end RB2 so I do think you got the better end.  If I was on the other end I wouldnt give up TY for many things but being as he is a Demarco owner he was wise to make the trade to cuff him.  

    3. iamwill3292


      I never knew much about TY Mont a running back wearing 88 so I was just reluctant to make the final deal but my other friend said hes a legit RB in a high powered offense so he said take it.  I take it you agree as well haha because Buck Allen is just on my bench, I got Leveon and Tevin Coleman doing solid work. 


      Thanks for replying and helping btw