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  1. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    Not a drop yet. Fitzmagic cant last forever and eventually they will have to sustain drives rather than just chucking it downfield. Eventually defenses will take away the long throw and to the benefit of the run game.
  2. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    So, they are gonna run 26 plays on Sunday? Yes! Dang cardinals are dead last in every meaningful offensive category(pass yards, 1st downs, points per game) and are 31st in rushing yards. For DJ to get 26 touches, they are gonna have to turn something around. Let's hope so.
  3. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Browns do have a better o-line. That said, with tyrod in there the oline was getting steamrolled. Sacks, blocked punt, several stops at the line. Once Baker got in there, the oline was much much better...mostly because the jets had to stop both pass and run. 1st half they just stacked up and blitzed and tyrod was inaccurate and line got run over. Seems like cards opponents are doing the same. Maybe change at the cards helm will "fix" the line a bit as well. You are right that question will be accuracy of Rosen.
  4. 9/16/2018 Cardinals vs Rams Game Day Thread

    Play Josh Rosen now. Sam Bradford is just awful. 60 freaking pass yards? That's not even 1 drive all game.
  5. 2 to Flex. Who do you got?

    Adams and Barber in standard. Tough matchups for both, but they are best in standard.
  6. Keenum over Rodgers?

    not a 2 qb league and u cant use case after this week and probably i wouldn't even consider it this week. Its early fantasy season, so I am just sticking with Rodgers. Pick 2- stills, enuwa and Marshall.
  7. Anyone benching Rodgers? WHIR

    Rodgers on 1 leg is a top 2 fantasy qb. Leave him in. Enuma, Marshall, stills- pick 2
  8. Flex help - WHIR 100%

    Funchess. No question. Help in Marshall, Stills, Enuma if you can.
  9. Yep. Usually got to have them more than a day for them to go back as waiver. This prevents this from being an issue.
  10. Pick 2 of these guys. Fu Doug Baldwin for making me pick these guys...even though I kind of like them all.
  11. Dez Bryant 2018 Outlook

    A Cleveland signing in the works with Josh gone now?
  12. Kenny Stills 2018 Outlook

    Still like Stills. He's an every week wr2.
  13. David Johnson 2018 Outlook

    Exactly. Who would go top 5 if no David? Zeek on a bad team or Leveon at the beach? I get Kamara and Gurley and Brown. After that it is still DJ.
  14. Julio Jones 2018 Outlook

    That was actually not me that said he is a lock for 7 catches if you go back and read posts. I simply agree that he is consistent over 70 yards. Nobody catches 7 balls a game consistently.
  15. Julio Jones 2018 Outlook

    Jarvis Landry let the league last year with 112 receptions. If you divide that by 16, you get 7. He is the ONLY receiver averaging 7 catches a game. So from a pure numbers standpoint, nobody catches 7 balls a game. If you expect 7 catches from any receiver, your expectations will always come up short. Wr is a more inconsistent position than running back. You can't expect perfect consistency for any player and you certainly cant set the bar at 7 catches a game.