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  1. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    Yep. I agree completely. Which is why people taking Hopkins first are crazy. Running back catching balls wins ppr leagues and has for a long time(LT, DJ, priest/lj, etc).
  2. Saquon Barkley 2018 Season Outlook

    No sure there is an argument for Hopkins over Saquon in ppr. At least I don't see one. Ppr is all about catching balls and regardless of the perception that wrs are much more valuable, the reality is that running backs who catch balls and get all carries are the most valuable fantasy players by a mile in this format. Saquon is going to catch 50 or 60 balls. That's gold and much more valuable than a wr.
  3. Le'veon Bell 2018 Season Outlook

    Problem is nobody is dealing Bell after 3 or 4 games. You draft him and he's staying. And I love drafting him this year.
  4. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    My point on the Patriots is that who knows week to week. Burkhead in week one he was awful and not used, week 2 he caught 3 balls and had 2 carries. Week 3-6 he is out. If you started week 7 right after an injury, you are in the minority. And he wasn't good. 4 points. So most likely none started him week 8 when he had a good game. Week 9 was a bye. Week 10 was fine since he had a td. Week 11 was 9 touches and a fumble. I'm not sure how many people played week 12 after the fumble and he again was saved by a td. 13 and 14 are fairly good weeks, and 15 is bad again hurt. So maybe 5 worthwhile weeks all season. It's like that on the Patriots every year. One guy plays a little, another plays a little and game flow is completely random. With 4 RBS this year, it's a situation to stay away from imo unless u are getting them real late and understand it could be a pick that yields nothing...except frustration trying to figure who leads the committee from week to week.
  5. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    Not sure how u got 10 games of solid rb2 production from Burkhead. Go look at game logs. He had 2 games over 10pt before week 10 and 2 games under 5 pts. He put up stinkers in weeks 11 and 15 and was a no show in week 16. If you had the guts to start him the 3 or 4 good weeks that he had between week 12 and 14, then congrats. But probably means u got 3 or 4 weeks of of stinkers tho.
  6. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    7 games is not a stud. It's a nice pickup off waivers. Except for Blount in standard and at times, when healthy, dion Lewis in ppr, the Pat's have frustrated. If you drafted Burkhead or Gilleslie last year you got nothing. The winner was waiver Dion Lewis and he didn't score more than 10 but once before week 10. He was quite good the rest of season- minus a stinker versus Miami in week 14. This year there's an even muddier committee. The risk is u completely waste a pick with any of the Patriots RBS and since there are 3 or 4 vying for pt you can't really draft all of them. Especially since the Patriots top rb is an rb2 at best. Maybe it sorts out in preseason, but it didn't last year.
  7. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    Dion Lewis has 234 yards rushing in 2015...not a stud that year. Blount was a stud in 16. Not as much in ppr, but still good. Problem is the 2016 blount is an outlier. Other years we got 4 backs and it is a pick on who to count on most weeks or if anyone can be counted on.
  8. Targets in Rounds 4-7

    Never trust the Patriots with an rb. Never ever never. U may get rb2 production out of 2 of them over the whole season, but good luck figuring out which one gives you rb2 production on any given week. Take Brady, take Edelman, take Gronk. Leave the RBS.
  9. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Are u dingdongs really arguing semantics over whether a slot receiver is a wide receiver? Get out of here. Fact is he qualifies as a wr for fantasy. I don't care if he lines up at te half the time, he is a wr for fantasy. Argument on Adams is not if he is a wr. It is if he is worth a 2nd round pick.
  10. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    I can't imagine taking Hill or Gordon first. That's not smart with the Browns and Chiefs and Much much worse or unknown QBs. A lot of folks arguing Adams before julio, Thomas. That's the gamble I don't see being a good.
  11. Davante Adams 2018 Season Outlook

    Yea I agree. Julio is over 1400 yards and 80 receptions 4 years running. Okay, it would be nice to have some TDs but 80 and 1400 alone is a pretty solid start and would take Adams a lot to pass that. Mike Thomas is 90 balls and 1100 yards each of first 2 seasons. Keenan- ok I get that one. Great season last year...a couple injured or not that good before that. Aj kind of similar to Keenan....if you choose Adams before those aj and Keenan then I understand. But if you pull adams before julio or mt it's a pretty big gamble.
  12. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Whatever. The topic here is not Cam versus tyrod. So move on with that. What is your projection for Josh Gordon given tyrod has never thrown for more than 3100 yds? How much do you see that increasing with the browns?
  13. 2018 Biggest Busts

    I really don't want either of the if I am starting a franchise today. That said, I want the guy who has thrown for more yards and more TDs litterly every year since being in the league. Give me that guy in real life and in fantasy. Tyrod is fine...the point originally we are arguing is Josh Gordon. To get back to Josh Gordon, I am not sure Tyrod and his low career yard numbers are supporting huge wr numbers. Love Josh's talent, don't love situation.
  14. 2018 Biggest Busts

    Cam hasn't had Smith since 2013...had an MVP season since then. I did mention he arguably had better weapons, but cam hasn't had much the last 4 years and managed to outproduce tyrod every year in passing yards and passing TDs. Not a huge cam fan, but not that freaking high on tyrod. He is a good backup, but you aren't taking tyrod st any point in his career as a franchise qb
  15. Tarik Cohen 2018 Season Outlook

    Plenty to make in daily fantasy if you have money to spend and just play numbers.