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  1. Def keen to join/run some private $$ leagues w the rest of the crew here if Yahoo sh!ts the bed
  2. jesus do i need to withdraw the funds out my account?
  3. "And this season's Myles Turner Sophomore Hype Award goes to..."
  4. Ugh, so there are no more free agents in the Yahoo public and pro leagues. Players get added to rosters the day after clearing waivers, not the day of. This is a major problem. Now, if you make a claim for a player on Saturday that's successful, that player will not be on your roster until Monday. This is a nightmare when trying to manage your team during playoffs when rest days are happening left and right. The game becomes way more about luck than skill. This wouldn't be a problem had they just made it so players were added the day waiver claims are processed. Yahoo dropped the ball. Also, their rational of this making it more fair for people playing on the East Coast is bunk. If Kyrie Irving gets injured at 11.55pm EST, you can count on there being way more West Coast bids for Spencer Dinwiddie than in the East. They're not doing much to solve this problem without changing the time waivers are processed to something that's more East Coast friendly like 9pm EST. Yahoo with an airball at the free throw line.
  5. there's a mock auction with a few people already starting in 12 mins if anyone is interested
  6. Looks like this only applies to Waivers and not Free Agents. Though, still bummed to be losing my Aussie advantage 😞
  7. Vuc's price is going to go way up... and I won't be buying
  8. One game missing your best player can be very detrimental to championship aspersions...
  9. ... And thankfully I was never first in any of my leagues this year 😉
  10. Been saying for years that entering fantasy playoffs as the first seed is a curse. The law of averages hits at the worst possible time.
  11. You're crazy for having finals next week...
  12. Harden was getting rest during fantasy playoffs last season...