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  1. Pushed him from the back. That makes it worse imo. Prob looking at a suspension.
  2. Please let the blocks come back. I shouldn't be struggling in this category.
  3. Ugh Why did I hold Mirotic and not pick this guy up
  4. Why on earth would a coach care about whether their player gets a double double?
  5. Just traded for Trae Young. May the lord have mercy on my soul.
  6. Someone offered me their AD for my KAT and Mirotic today. Gee, how altruistic of an offer
  7. Grabbed him for a few of my teams... but still not fully buying this production ROS. Especially the assists and stocks.
  8. lack of steals??? he's nearly in the top 20 players with steals per game this season at 1.4
  9. Got him for 3% of my budget in a keeper league hoping for great value for next season, but no complaints about him delivering right now!