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  1. Well what was I expecting from team who passed on Derwin James last year. Gooo Raiders......yay.
  2. Didn’t a Rams fan start a petition to get a ref removed from this game earlier this week? Said they always lost when this certain ref oversaw the Rams games. I’m guessing that petition is somewhere in the garabage.
  3. If adios stands for “great block”then you are correct.
  4. Was hoping Colts could upset the Chiefs. Still, hard to hate Mahomes. Dudes fun to watch.
  5. 3 leagues. Won 2 championships, one is a money league. Won the ship in those same 2 leagues last year. So back to back. Stupid 3rd league holding me back tho:) Congrats to the rest of the winners!
  6. Merry Christmas to those that started Titans D:)
  7. For me it was Royce Freeman. Bought into the hype and coach talking him up. Took him in the fourth and got what I deserved.
  8. Witten talking bout Panthers don’t deserve to go to the playoffs when he can barely talk. He should be thankful they didnt fire him mid-season.