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  1. So Conner not in that whole drive. Just needed 5 more points.
  2. s---, Conner almost brought me back. Doesn’t look good.
  3. Wow. Needed 35 from Conner tonight, figured there was no way. Just 10 more points please!
  4. Boyd, Minshew, Zeurlein, and Gallup combined for around 18 points. Started 3-1, going to 3-3 with half my team on bye next week.
  5. Well hopefully Gallup gets 8 targets 2nd half. Maybe catch 4 of them for 60 yards and a td. Wish in one hand, s--- in the other.
  6. Damn, doesn’t matter if Cooper and Cobb are out. Gallup can’t catch.
  7. Looking like the only way he’s going to score. Killing me. Had Rivers last week, and Big Ben week 1 and 2. Just can’t win at the qb position.