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  1. I have Justin Tucker @Pittsburgh this week Keep him or pick up one of the following? Butker vs. Raiders Coons vs. Washington
  2. I like Goodwin, especially with Garoppolo as QB.
  3. I'd go Diggs and Ajayi. DT hasn't done squat the past two weeks against poor pass D's.
  4. I like Goodwin's QB and match up this week. I'd take him over Robby Anderson, who is at Denver.
  5. Need to start one of these RB's: Morris @ NY Giants Williams @ Cleveland Crowell V. Green Bay
  6. I think NFL.com, ESPN, Yahoo etc...have online leagues you can join
  7. Get out. Get in a league that requires money up front and a good commish that will veto BS trades
  8. Have both RB's and can start only one this week. Not a great match up against Vikes, but it is what it is... Thoughts? Freeman make through entire game?
  9. TE: Davis. Reed has been ruled out already. Flex: Hill. KC is at home, still playing for playoff seeding and Buffalo D has been terrible D: Either one but I'd probably go with Seattle
  10. I'd go with Allen, Jones and Thomas. Vikes secondary is solid and Rhodes will be on Tate. http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/685084-wdis-help-please/
  11. Lattimore will likely be on Watkins. Might not a great start this week.
  12. I'd make that trade. It significantly helps your RB situation and I think it will be easier to pick up another WR (10-team league you should be able to find a fill-in WR).
  13. Cooper has a great schedule rest of the way but if you can get Coleman I'd do it. Too many RB's in Balt that get carries to take Woodhead, imho.