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  1. Everyone calm down .. Its like people think he is going to go 16 carries for 106 yards a td and 6 receptions for 60 and td... f--- yeah ..,. Build the hype
  2. Yeah I dropped dede and picked him up ... If im going to have a jag wr might as well have one that catches balls.
  3. You read this as Favorite to break 5.65 points for rushing 2 points for receptions Just higher than 50/50 to get 1.65 points reception yards And just shy of a 50/50 shot of scoring a tds So Vegas roughly has dmont getting 10 to 11 points in ppr ... Plus roughly a coin flip for tacking on td points
  4. Ir means he can't play for,8 weeks,I believe ....he is a easy drop now
  5. Down by 6 points in a full point ppr I have OJ Howard and Big Ben vs Antonio Brown. Not sure how im feeling on this .... I need a big game from juju I guess ... I know brown will get his yards but if can not catch a td pass that may help. Obviously Howard going off would be nice.
  6. I would be aurprised if he played Thursday. If you rule him out Sunday that means something is lingering or agitated .... Why risk him on a short week .... They will probably have him ruled out or on a super limited snapn count Thursday .... But most likely they will just let him rest up and fully heal for the game against the eagles on the 7th.
  7. Ok ... I'm going to start him over Jimmy... you guys talked sense into me ... though if he goes down in the first quarter I'm going to hate myself
  8. I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm going with Jimmy g In my big money league .. no lineman and no voice of confidence in his hand from the head coach ... he is a injury magnwt if he starts today... this will probably be the worst decision I ever made . .. god have mercy on my soul.
  9. Anyone scared to start him if he plays ... in a huge money league .. im worried he re-injures his hand in the first quarter or something is off and the coach doesnt like what he see and takes him out ... Im tempted to just play Jimmy G but that is also gutsy being its the first round of the playoffs and he is unproven ... I just wish Stafford had the all clear already and an unwavering voice of confidence from the coach
  10. Brees is the answer here It is playoff time You start the hall of fame qb ... no questions asked ... highest point total game of the week
  11. Wentz Fournete Drake Adams Doctson Darkwa Kelce Ravens Tucker
  12. Gio by a long shot as long as mixon is out ... easy points http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687525-strategy-question-on-qb/
  13. i agree with dog colling fitz and hill is golden http://forums.rotoworld.com/topic/687525-strategy-question-on-qb/