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  1. I haven't done a ton of research on this, but I feel like Thursday night games are generally on the lower scoring side. With that said, would you sit Evans tonight for ARob, Duke Johnson, J. White, or D.Montgomery in a full PPR? ThursdayGame+BadOffense+BradberryHistory = EvansDisappointment? Leave a link, WHIR!!!
  2. I'd lean Brown or Terry. If we could depend on the goal line touches it would be Brown no doubt. Robby Anderson will be blanketed by Ward and I see GB vs Minn as a defensive slugfest.
  3. Thanks guys. I was considering pulling the trigger because I wasnt sure if CMC could sustain that type of load. Plus there was the allure of improving my WRs. I guess Conner is a bit of a mystery though. I know it was just one game but I was surprised at the snaps he played vs Samuels.
  4. Which side of this trade do you prefer? Full PPR (including my roster below) CMC+ Edelman >>> MThomas+ Conner C. McCaffrey N. Chubb D. Montgomery Duke Johnson J. White M. Evans J. Edelman A. Robinson T. McLaurin A. Green
  5. I prefer Waller. Andrews won't get the Dolphins every week.
  6. I would probably make this move because your RB depth needs help. Also Mixon's injury coud linger.
  7. I'd have to sit Hardman until I saw at least some production.
  8. I think this is the week for Montgomery...unless Nagy goes full Nagy again!
  9. I would prefer Gallup. He seems to have developed a nice chemistry with Dak.
  10. Dalton's oline is depleted and may get harassed all day by an improved Niners defense,especially if Mixon doesn't suit up.