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  1. Yahoo just stuck a questionable tag on him.... Can't find a reason. Was he banged up in the game?
  2. This team just sat their best RB for being late/skipping some team functions. If he truly is a knucklehead, he likely won't see the field soon. They needor at least could really use him, and it sounds like he is healthy so something must be up with his attitude or knowledge. And even if he does blow up 1st week back, now I'm wondering how long the leash is before he is a late scratch for something stupid.
  3. Don't think White has fallen out of favor. He has to must defined role and I'm pretty sure they resigned him. White would see more snaps in catch up/2min mode I believe.
  4. Picture 2 of your starting RBs go to IR... Now look at your bench and WW. Would you still not start him? If not that don't stash him. Stuff happens... Any guy getting 15ish carries in a good O is worth holding. Even fat Rob punched one in least week.
  5. Nope. Josh got off at the first stop. Gruden didn't/doesn't give him enough to make it to playoffville station. Hope DeDe or Corey have the juice to go all the way.
  6. Can't seem to find the source or quote, and I don't care to dig that much. But I'm pretty sure before being shut down in the preseason, he had already beaten Hurns out for the #3 spot. And now Lee is banged up. Neither Hurns or Lee have been anything special. JAX has had bad QB play for awhile now... Can't use that as an excuse. Garbage points are still points. It's a concern, but folly to ignore him based on just that. AR, Flash Gordon, Nuk, etc have been able to put up good #s with bad QBs. Run heavy and good D play is probably the most important concern. But again, IF he sparks... Stacked boxes and short fields are even more favorable for his future. Here's to hoping the future is bright.
  7. Ugh... Drafted Carson. Picked up Rawls as his cuff right before the injury. Hoped the bye would get things right, kept hope alive until last weeks nightmare. FINALLY was free of this back field.... and right back in. sigh
  8. That's the crazy thing though. Lewis had White's job before White did. Not sure why they aren't throwing to him more. Have to hold until the deadline.
  9. Wonder if NE looks to trade a back for D help? Was mentioned during the SNF halftime show. White isn't going anywhere, but if Gill or Burk leave that could be a nice little boost to Lewis.
  10. Well, if you had stashed Doctson, Williams, Thompson and are in a league that lets you.... Grab Dede now for free. Davis is a solid hold, but after watching Doctson do nothing yet again, I'm out and on to Westbrook.
  11. Coach also said Perine would get the majority and that they had to get Crowder going. Neither happened. Gruden can't be trusted. I really think he has to become the guy.... But I'll let him sit in waivers until he blows up and then blow my wad to get him. This team is playing just fine with the spreading the wealth. As long as they keep using Grant over Doctson I just can't see the point in holding him. He should have been a beast by now. Either there is something else missing from his game, or nagging health or just irrational coaching.... Not sure but I swapped Doctson for Davis.
  12. Any concern with Cincinnati working out other TEs? Is it just a depth move or lack of confidence in who they have now with no Eifert? Signed Engram owner. ?
  13. And only has to last 6-7 more weeks before DJ comes back. They will run AD until the wheels fall off or DJ is back, which every happens first.
  14. Bryant is a UFA next year right? Maybe the team has just decided to move on and give Juju and early look? He has bounced on and off my bench every week and of course someone other than me grabbed him before this new blurb... Guess I'll grab Doctson again and ride that train.
  15. Mack Brown. Plus CT has his role locked up. Gruden moved on from Matt Jones pretty quick..... he hates fumbles. That last fumble on the pitch cost them, or was at least a big part of, that lose. Yet they seem confident with Perine again. He 'should' still be in the doghouse for the week 4 fumble. Yet Gruden has named him the lead. Maybe it clicked over the bye and as mentioned, he didn't have a fumble problem prior. Own both.... could care less as long as 1 of them is the guy instead of 2 guys 50/50
  16. Own both. Perine had been unimpressive and has fumbled twice, although one was a solid helmet to the hand, the other was a drive killer and potentially cost them the W. I had dropped Perine for Doctson before the game because I had seen enough of him. I find it odd for Gruden to go right back to him out of the bye. Makes me wonder if he hasn't progressed? I'm holding Kelly, but suspect Perine may actually show up this week. Had to cuff him again.
  17. Best of luck.... Got to watch the Jax game. Think Juju is a fine talent.... I'm legit concerned about Ben. Pretty much drop back, is AB covered... ok dump to Bell every play. Jax is a great young secondary, but crap Ben looked bored out there. He and Cutler should just buy a timeshare or something and be done with it.
  18. ~sarcasm~ Yup, without FF there would be no internet bullies. But yes, I agree... it gets so old reading the venom people attach to other real people over magic foosball. Whats worse is people actually put this out over social media to the actual players. Probably less than 5% of us would have the stones to look TY in the eye and call him a bum. PS, not picking... I get calling him a bum is just another way of saying "whelp, on to plan b"
  19. Darkwa always looks good when given a chance. The problem is after showing well he gets hurt. I hope he stays healthy this time. Signed a Wayne owner
  20. Surprised there isn't more buzz about him. It looks like Pittsburgh has struggled a bit and is still working out the kinks. Im guessing no one is excited about the 4th option in this O? Is his value capped unless one of the 'B's get hurt? Bryant seems to have his s@&t together. What is the chance that Juju having a few extra snaps over Bryant was just game flow vs maybe the team moving on and looking towards the future?
  21. While I get what you are saying.... I'm pretty sure every player you referenced only got their chance due to injury or retirement of the players in front of them. Not sure how much of that is the coaches 'choosing' to go that way or his hand being forced.
  22. Darkwa has looked good to OK when given the chance in the past. The problem is every time he is given the chance he shows some talent and then promptly gets hurt. Just two weeks ago there was rumbling he was gonna get his shot, and he came up dinged up again. Last year there was rumbling that his own oline players thought he was the best back over a rookie Perkins and a washed up Jennings. He came in and had a few big plays and got hurt....
  23. Serious question.... does TY's sickle cell trait effect his timeline? I think TY is great and looks the part, not trying to argue if he is a RB or WR playing RB. I just remember him missing time last year because the team discovered he, like John Brown, had this condition. Not sure if it speaks to them being more conservative with his recovery or not. Arizona seems to be conservative with Smokey... but maybe that is more about the individual players than the condition? I don't think TY loses his job, but I thinking Jones can be a multi week score to help through the byes.
  24. Ha. Kelly was a cheap keeper for me, drafted Perine as the cuff, inevitable future. Dropped Perine last week. That's a darn good Oline to have such crappy production behind.... Add in ball security issues.... Hard pass. Not this year. Kelly will be the man if he can get right over the bye.
  25. Anyone have a link or can confirm what the various talking heads are saying about teammates being angry with the coach over sticking with CJ over Ellington? Can't remember which podcast mentioned it... Not that the coaches care, but if his teammates are seeing it in practices....