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  1. Kalen Ballage is active for Miami now, has me worried
  2. I hate the kicker roster, I wish my league would drop it.. but they won't so if there's any kicker to have for me it's Dan Bailey
  3. Me to and I have a similar squad.. Hopefully it's just bad luck Ryan Howard,Drake (flex:Lynch, but L.Murray this week) M.Thomas, Obj T.Burton
  4. Dude u have a playoff squad.. Sit tight
  5. Yep ur being crazy dont trade away Thomas.. Here's a beer and cigar go sit down and relax
  6. I think its a fair trade if your looking to upgrade in Qb department
  7. Meh I dunno after looking at ur squad he might want more than breida.. Throw some feelers out there.
  8. I think if Johnson has a bad showing this week you could get him next week for just Breida.. I know I will be trying everything to acquire him next week if the lateral happens
  9. Rivers.. Allen and flip between breida and miller.. but lean more towards miller
  10. Don't bench Drake... Clement is the odd man out here.. If anything I would bench injury prone Fournette