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  1. I am in need of a few owners for a few Keepers league, take a look at the links, and send me an email tlp_rose@icloud if you are interested with the team you'd like, and I'll send an invite ASAP... All-Utility League This is a unique league that all positions are Utility. 10 team H-H points 6-keeper league http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=1161 http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=1161&teamId=2 ***** NW Ball Keeper Dynasty League 10 team H-H points 10- keeper league http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/league/settings?leagueId=4544 http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=4544&teamId=9 Please make note of the settings and points accumulated with each game a player plays. Thanks...
  2. I need a replacement owner for a free ESPN league H-H points league 10 keepers 10 team league Draft will be Sept. 29th Take a look and please email me at tlp_rose@icloud if interested, and I'll send you an invite. http://fantasy.espn.com/basketball/team?leagueId=4544&seasonId=2019&teamId=9
  3. would be interested if there is a team left tlp_rose@icloud.com
  4. I'll take the Laker team tlp_rose@icloud.com
  5. Tatum for Love?

    will Tatum pick up more steam in the second half of the season, and will Love take a major hit, stat wise, now that there is so much turmoil in Cleveland? I was offered Love for Tatum, should I accept?
  6. I will take the team send invite to tlp_rose@icloud.com