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  1. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 11

    I'm in the exact same boat. Feel like I gotta bank on the info I have right now and roll mvs. I really feel like ajg sits again.
  2. Njoku - Worth top waiver priority? WHIR

    The one thing to keep in mind is it's getting late in the season so waiver wire adds worth having will continue to get thinner at some point rendering a #1 spot useless. You need the TE help so I vote to use it and get him. I also think he has top 5 upside ros.
  3. Trade Peterson for Lindsay? WHIR!

    Thanks buddy. Got yours. Looks like I'm going to have to throw Sutton in. Thoughts?
  4. ROS: John Brown or Anthony Miller?

    I go Miller here. He's the #2 in Chicago now. Even if the stars align and the QB situation gets sorted in Baltimore Brown is still going to be strictly boom/by at guys as snead and more so Crabtree have been getting much more love than they did in the first half of the season when Brown was putting up numbers. Thanx for mine.
  5. Trade Peterson for Lindsay? WHIR!

    We start 3 Wr's in this league. So it's possible Lindsay could fall into the flex consideration going forward. Think he might help me out a bit this week too as I'm forced to flex Peterson (or lindsay if I trade) due to byes. Its is looking like its going to take Peterson and sutton to get it done as the other manager isn't too hung on perterson which is understandable. Got yours. You gotta go Jones man!
  6. Pick 1 of 3 - Must win - 100% Whir

    I like Jones here ALOT. Thanx for mine!
  7. Whatcha think. Talking with the Lindsay owner, I think I can trade Peterson for him straight up but may have to throw in Sutton. Roster: QB- P Mahomes M Trubisky RB- S Barkley K Hunt S Michel A Peterson S Ware WR- A Thielen B Cooks E Sanders J Gordon C Sutton TE- T Kelce D- Bears Texans (holding for week 15 @ NYJ) K- M Crosby
  8. You do have a point sir....thanx Got yours.
  9. Mack for Greg Olsen? WHIR 110%

    Thanx for mine. I think you should make the move and list take the ride this week with baldwin or fitz.
  10. Mack for Greg Olsen? WHIR 110%

    It like the trade for you as you can afford to loose mack and I think olsen has a very good ros. Is your competitor thos week strong? Any better option on the wire? Also keep on mind mack may disappoint against the TEN run D anyway...
  11. You think holding sutton is a better move than protecting Hunt with ware?
  12. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 11

    Luck @ TEN or Fitz @ NYG?
  13. Two trade options!

    Yep, hate #1 love #2. Help?
  14. Make the move for Kamara/Allen and don't look back. I have Barkley too and am also a bit concerned. I tried to move him a couple days for Kamara and for gordon with no luck. Of course I was also trolling for a small wr upgrade in the package which may have killed the deals. In this you're getting the wr upgrade and kamara is on a high powered offense man.