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  1. McGuire or Jamaal Williams? .5 PPR I was set on William's but I'm starting to think McGuire might be the better play after looking at some of the stats and write ups... Thoughts?
  2. Bump. I'm in the same boat and would love to hear some more opinions.
  3. Mines all jacked too. Moved the #6 seed to a bye week and shifted all the matchups around. Funny thing it's only one of my leagues. The other is perfectly fine.
  4. I have both as a flex option as well, Cohen is going to be in my line up this week through the end. His floor is good enough and his ceiling is stupid
  5. I gotcha. Man even if Trubisky is back...I dont think I could start Ware at Baltimore over Cohen, he's a lynch pin in that offense man.
  6. I wouldn't be starting Adam's in the playoffs unless I had to...
  7. Big ben. And even in non ppr I'd flex Cohen over ware this week
  8. I'd play Humphries over Boyd for this week
  9. Pick one...Leaning Davis... C Davis Lockett Boyd J Gordon Anndd... Winston or Luck? 1 PPR Clutch game to squeak into the playoffs.
  10. Hey guys I'm trying to finalize my playoff roster. As a Michel owner should I drop Peterson for Burkhead to cover me incase Michel goes down? My roster for reference. QB- P Mahomes J Winston RB- S Barkley K Hunt S Michel A Peterson S Ware WR- A Thielen B Cooks E Sanders J Gordon TE- T Kelce C Brate D- Bears Texans K- M Bryant
  11. If you've got the bench room I'd ride TEN vs the Jags. I agree on the rams game being a big negative ghost rider.