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  1. Should’ve learned from last year with this dumb usage.
  2. Can this guy really be trusted if given the green light ?
  3. Think you missed the part that said “issues” not just his meniscus. If you own him you should know about his situation already. Gonna have more problems down the road football wise with a repaired meniscus over a snipped one.
  4. I just can’t man, I’d rather him do decent on TNF then have a 0-2pts to stare at for days.
  5. I’m not saying meniscus injuries end careers, I’m saying you’re picking an NBA player as an example, when this guy already has suffered a torn ACL (sure it was the other knee but still matters), and didn’t even seem really 100% coming into this year. Don’t get me wrong I drafted him hoping as well.
  6. I’m sure you can find plenty of other basketball players with similar issues that their careers ended over this. Such an irrelevant fact you brought into this.
  7. True OJ believer but just can’t start him over Hockensen this week.