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  1. Derrick Henry 2018 Outlook

    Finally dropped this bum.
  2. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 7

    That is the replacement, Rodgers is on BYE. There’s only Beathard, Bortles, Carr, Flacco, Prescott, Smith, Darnold. Not a lot of talent.
  3. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 7

    Pick one please: Dak at WSH Or Alex Smith at DAL
  4. NFL Start/Sit Thread 2018 Week 7

    Anybody care to take a shot at top streaming QBs for the week?
  5. 37 against me in mine. Rip.
  6. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    Youre insanely late.
  7. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    Dont be messing with us in here.
  8. Peyton Barber 2018 Outlook

    How are we feeling about this guy as a flex play this week?
  9. FAAB Questions and Discussion

    Alright someone lay down the logistics on Peyton Barber $120 budget
  10. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    I hope so, because his “eye test” needs some practice.
  11. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    The guy isn’t a bad back, but he definitely cannot “ball”
  12. Marlon Mack 2018 Outlook

    Worth the wait? Lol he’ll be injured before the wait is over.
  13. Isaiah Crowell 2018 Outlook

    I worry abou that his volume every week, but how do we feel about that ankle?
  14. Dalvin Cook 2018 Outlook

    I like the approach everyone is taking here, “if you’re not gonna start him this week what’s the point; he’s gonna pop off” the same was said in the D. Henry thread.
  15. Alshon Jeffery 2018 Outlook

    Has some of the best hands in the league, my WR2 the rest of the way.