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  1. Smart players don’t make trades for guys who have one big game, unless you play with dummies.
  2. Jamawful sucks, Jones proved last week he’s the far superior back
  3. Way too many snaps for Jamawful Williams. Jones goes off last week and what do you do? Yea, let’s start mixing other backs in some more. Pathetic coaching staff.
  4. He didnt rotate RBs when he had Hunt. He went to a RBBC because he knows none of these guys are good enough to be a featured back. If they were, they would be a featured back.
  5. He's only had 40 carries thru 6 games, thats nothing and easy to average a high YPC on. Tony Pollard is averaging 5 YPC this season, Zeke is averaging 4.3 YPC. So is Pollard better than Zeke? Of course not. Pollard has only carried it 34 times while Zeke has had 112 carries. So you cant just make a blanket statement about McCoy's YPC, there are other factors involved. He's not good, if he was, he would be getting it 20+ times a game like Hunt did last year and the year before.
  6. Establish the run with who? They are all terrible and Reid knows it, that’s why Mahomes is putting it up 35-40 times a game. All 3 of these guys together don’t equal one Hunt.
  7. Dropping this turd first thing Wednesday morning. I’d rather have literally anyone else on waivers.
  8. Goff with -0.9 points. dumping this piece of trash first thing Wednesday morning.
  9. 7th ranked rush defense...I brought this up earlier this week. 5 of the next 6 games are against top 10 rush defenses. I already traded Zeke two weeks ago in my main keeper league and been trying to move him in my other but no one is biting.