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  1. Need Le'veon Bell to score under 23.22 in a half pt ppr
  2. Keep flip flopping all week between these guys Who would you use as a wr3 and flex DJ Metcalf Latavius Murray Mecole Hardman Christian Kirk 1/2 pt ppr. Leaning towards kirk/metcalf
  3. Glad this is then end of the season, my last vent of the year. Never fails, like I stated in an earlier post, team fails to get the job in the semis, then GOES OFF in the 3rd place game and once again would've beaten both teams in the finals. I SHOULD be relieved I at least won my buy in back, but $800 sounds so much better than $100, to say the least. It's just unbelievable how it always happens. It's also a punch in the gut when your two best friends combine for 4 championships, 3 of those that I'm in the same league, and 2 of those they each beat me to get to the championship, and all you have to show for is two piddly 3rd places. Just bitter and jealous that the luck rarely swings my way. Just glad that the stress is over till next year when we do it alllll over again.
  4. So while I'm here..I've been running my league for 9 years...this is 6th time I've been to the semis (5 through bye) and this is 4th time I've lost. This is the first time I've felt my team actually choked (along with a big fat 0 from Keenan Allen) but I just can RARELY get over this hump. Last time i did was 2013..5 years ago. Every time before...worst beats ever losses of 5, 1 and .32 (in the year i lost by 1...lost by .10 in the 3rd place game..#1 seed 11 wins..no money back) annnnnd top it off literally everytime i lose had i won and advanced i wouldve beaten the other teams who advanced (two times pretty easily). It just sucks beyond belief to always get this far and mostly NEVER advance
  5. This is basically all but two of us in my league. Losses don't hurt most of my leaguemates one bit. My cousin just put up a team total 47 in the semis in the other bracket of our league...47...and he's looking forward to playing the 3rd place game against me because it's "cousin vs cousin" LMAO. I envy them so much..because as much as I try...I'm just not wired like that..I wanna be ok with just losing in the semis (AGAIN..like pretty much always..im the Buffalo Bills of the semis) but I'm not..it sucks and it's frustrating and a 3rd place consolation win isn't going to take those feelings away
  6. Cannot believe I still have a shot to win..actually projected to win now, not that Yahoo projections mean jack really, feels like a true coin flip. Down about 30 with Cam, Ian Thomas, Michael Thomas and Kamara vs CMC/Ingram. Tomorrow is SO HUGE
  7. Just how random and crazy this game my cousins team led by mahomes juju thielin kittle gronk and josh gordon scores 144..this week..his team scores 47..total .crazy
  8. Amazingly still somehow alive despite the Keenan Allen 0. I'm down 25 with Cam, Ian Thomas, Michael Thomas, and Kamara left vs his Ertz, Ingram, McCaffrey. I'll feel a lot better about my chances if somehow Ertz has a disappointing night
  9. Really needed bigger games from Hilton/Cohen to have a chance..i gained 0 ground on my opponent and now have to watch edelman/antonio/ertz basically put me away with mccaffrey getting the knockout blow tomorrow night. That keenan allen 0..just....
  10. Been fighting the fantasy gods tooth and nail..they usually end up winning..but not going down without a fight!
  11. This really sucks..keenan allens 0 put me in a deep hole..but got a small sliver of a chance after lindsay under performed...i don't think i can play him for fear of being a decoy or being limited and getting another 0 or close to it
  12. Looks at title of thread...."Vent & Rant Thread" Yup..right place
  13. Honestly, I think the reason I haven't quit playing fantasy football is this vent and rant thread lol..before I found this, it truly felt that no one could have as bad luck as me when it comes to this game. I've said it before, my bad beats are legendary in our league and have nicknames. This thread and seeing how others have had the same bs luck and the such helps with the frustration a bit in the point that I can tell myself "it's not just me". It's like a support group hahaha
  14. This is the biggest problem I have, i'm way to hard on myself. I tryyyy to tell myself all the things in this game you can't control...but damn if this game STILL makes you feel that way lol.