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  1. How much is the entry fee, or is this a free league? I might be interested
  2. I'm interested but have two questions: 1 - when is the draft? 2 - since there's only two leagues this year, what is the buy in?
  3. Also willing to take on a team and be active in another persons league if they fill one in this league
  4. Hey guys, I’m running a 16 team H2Hpoints keeper league with slightly expanded rosters and am looking for some replacement owners. Here are the settings: There is for sure one team open, probably will end up with up to 4 though. The team currently open is Westeros Dragons. if you’d like to join this league please leave your email here and I’ll send an invite later today. thanks
  5. I'll take a team, feel free to invite me. email is
  6. Hey Ethan, Is it a snake draft or auction? and free or paid league?
  7. Hey Guys, Looking for a new league to join on ESPN for free. Auction or Snake PPR or Non-PPR 8-14 team league Let me know if you need an active manager to fill a spot!