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  1. Do they HAVE to take Jones out after a few plays on every f*cking drive?!?!
  2. Damn Green Bay is cursed. They have major concussions all the time
  3. Have Jones and Crosby. Pretty much the worse possible series of events there 😠
  4. At least I have a TE1 moving forward. But that decision cost me the week
  5. Bolden is the new Gillislee, here to vulture the goal line touches
  6. Would you guys offer Evans for OBJ? The Browns’ schedule gets a lot easier for the FF playoffs
  7. Oh no, if Watkins is out tonight I’m done!
  8. Confuses me as well. Last week, Lindsay averaged 6 yards a carry (most of it came in the 1st half), then he got 2 touches in the entire 2nd half. It was super frustrating.