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  1. $50, 10 keepers IDP
  2. I'm in several leagues (too many). I will keep you in mind if anything opens up. People drop out all the time.
  3. Free this year, $20 next year. Owner paid & drafted, then bailed after a cat-fight on our chat app. Must join our LeagueSafe, & GroupMe Settings: Team: LeagueSafe: GroupMe: Be sure you agree with ALL the settings before committing to take over this team.
  4. I replied just minutes after you bumped, but haven't heard back from you. Are the spots still open or not?
  5. I will attempt to salvage the RAMS, but I won't be able to work with it until Week 2. SEAHAWKS suck unless you have any other owners willing to trade at least 1 QB for draft picks next year. But my friend said he would take it.
  6. I like it, I'd have to auto-draft tonight, but could clean up on waivers.
  7. I'm good for it! As long as it is not an AUCTION draft...
  8. Dates are flexible, but they are filling fast. might try this one if you can't get in:
  9. This league is full now guys, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Still have 1 more spot left in the IDP league: Settings: Join:
  10. Trying to fill 2 FREE Dynasty Leagues One IDP League, Settings: Join: and one 12 team non-IDP league, Settings: Join: