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  1. Since I can’t edit my post above, I’d like to add this... My opposing teams KICKER outscored every single indivudal player on my team. The other two teams facing each other in the playoffs are projected under 100. Seems like an abysmal week all around.
  2. Sure, but I’m not benching my studs just because it’s a different week. There wasn’t any matchup that should have scared me from playing them. My team hasn’t performed this bad all season, and had a league high score last week. Guys like Hill, Juju, Gronk, Lindsay all crapped the bed the same week. It’s luck of the draw really.
  3. Can’t believe I wasted a 2nd rounder on this guy.
  4. So much luck. Last week my team scored 177. This week, 97. Same exact players in my lineup. I do think this may my last year for a while. It’s frustrating to put effort in something that offers so little in return.
  5. As a Hill owner, he has won me many weeks, however he can be can frustrating to own because when you need him to pull through he’ll put up a dud. Not his fault, but a lot of times he becomes a non factor because they spread the ball so much. I wish the Chiefs would use him more on screens and crossing routes. I would want to find a way to get the ball to the fastest player in the league however possible.
  6. Not so luxurious when your opponent has him.
  7. LOL, to add fuel to fire of having Damien Williams and Justin Jackson on my bench, my oppenent has Fairbain (22 points from a KICKER) and Hopkins. To put it in perspective, my combo of Tyreek Hill, Philip Lindsay and Harrison Butker have not added up to 22 points combined. See ya next year. (Maybe)
  8. If you look at the reasons they lost that game, Damien Williams was not one of them. 4.9 ypc and 2 TDS. I’d be more concerned with that swiss cheese defense of theirs.
  9. Glad he was on my bench and will probably never get to reap the benefits of picking him up
  10. Same with Hill/Butker. Never thought Tyreek Hill would be the reason I lost my season.
  11. Lost the season bc I’m an idiot. Had a super long day at work, got home at 8:23 and forgot it was Thursday until that point. Didn’t have time to switch out Damien Williams or Justin Jackson from my bench to my lineup. Probably wouldn’t have done both but I would have switched out one since I have Samuels in my flex. Don’t even know if he’s gonna get the start. Oh but don’t worry, Hill has 6.6 points for me. 46.8 on my bench I suck and I hate myself.