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  1. Draft Mike Evans, they said. He’s a beast, they said. 😒
  2. Playing against Davante Adams “career day”. Obv. Always just happen to play against players when they blow up.
  3. We can still hold out hope for goal line vulture TDS. Right? 😬
  4. Thanks, I like the idea of starting with Jones instead of Woods.
  5. I would drop Tyrell. Terry has looked good and has the potential of a QB change which is interesting. Thanks for mine.
  6. PPR. Eckeler owner here. Any thoughts on what to offer the Gordon owner? Trying to gauge his value based on the recent news of his potential return. My rbs/wrs: RB: Zeke, Eckler, Mack, Lindsey, Pollard WR: Evans, Woods, Marvin Jones, Marquise Brown, John Brown His: RB: Gordon, Drake, Barber, White WR: Julio, Juju, Fitz, Sanders My original thought was offering Lindsey and Woods. Fair? Rip off? Halp.
  7. He’s a good pickup for a Baker owner.
  8. PPR - I’m torn here between Mack’s calf and conditions in KC. Whoops, thought I was in AC please move
  9. Going against NE defense, who currently has more points than anyone on my team.