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  1. I decided to go ryan/Murray montgomery michel juju tyreek cook obj Bench j.Gordon,sutton,dthompson,Hunt,ballage,Mattison,marc Andrews
  2. What is Thompson’s new price for $200 ppr auction drafts?? Thoughts??
  3. All the top 3 tightends are kept.. Same with Conner, gurley, Mack.. my bad lol.
  4. Cmc, kamara, zeke, dwilliams, lev, Aron Jones, Chubb being kept.. WR being kept see mine, Thomas and Adams.. all 3 top tightends being kept.
  5. 12 team ppr auction keeper league.. i am keeping juju-11 and Tyreek-16 whats the best strategy to build a good foundation.. do I target 2 top tier available backs? Ex. Saquan, DJ.. do I target a top tier rb and top tier wr? EX. Saquan, OBJ/Julio/Nuk? Or do I go more even... ex dalvin,David Montgomery/Fournette, Evans?
  6. top non keepers.. Saquan, (prob zeke), David Johnson, Hopkins, Cook, Julio, OBJ, Mixon, TY, Evans... 1-qb 2-rb 2-wr 1-te 1- flex d &k
  7. or grab two top backs and snag edelman as my flex?
  8. I am in a 12 team ppr auction keeper.. I’m keeping Juju-$11 and Tyreek-$16... now what should I do during the draft.. lock up another elite wr as my flex and an elite back? Example snag a Julio/orOdell with a Saquan/or David Johnson.. or grab a dalvin cook, David Montgomery and a mike Evans/TY Hilton in my flex?? Does this make sense? If so, need opinions please!
  9. 12 team dynasty start up.. ppr zeke,Kelce, mahomes,kupp? Thoughts?!
  10. That team looks dope AF! Gotta zig when everyone else zags.. don’t be a 🐑
  11. When did Arians last draft a small school back? David Johnson... rojo didn’t get a chance last year and Barber< than a JAG..
  12. Value would go up $5 from above price. Melvin will no longer be able to be kept after 2019 season. Chubb would have 1 more if I kept this year too
  13. I couldn't seen to find 2019 auction value page at all.. if there is, come someone attach please. If not, lets start this off here!