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  1. Calling it now.. lev bell will get traded to Cleveland before deadline now.. its gunna happen!! Opened up cap space!
  2. Yeah I elect to PUNT on qb during auctions.. even snakes as well.. unless Rodgers slips to middle of 5!
  3. Yeah qbs are crazy high.. everything else looks about right! Thanks man!
  4. 12 team PPR keeper league.. $200 spending 1 flex I think I’m keeping Keenan Allen-$33 ( other choice is Hunt for $23) michael Thomas-$15 Pretty solid core if you ask me.. now what should I do... Do I target Gronk($30ish) and Obj ($50ish) as must own?! I would be around 130 spent.. or do I target TY Hilton ($30ish) and maybe a David Johnson or Saquan for ($60ish)? Keenan thomas gronk obj or quan/dj Keenan thomas TY Hilton ? THANKS!!
  5. Anyone have a go to website or something for base values for auctions this year? All the ones I see are not realistic.. help!
  6. That’s fine.. y’all can let Guicebox slip to me constantly!! Fournette wasn’t a pass catching back either.. LSU Is always known for not passing to their backs.. but whatev!! GUICEBOX FOR PREZ
  7. Guice or Michel? Who has better opportunities in their Offense? PPR?
  8. This man gonna ball.. lots of end zone DANCIN
  9. Also.. what are everyone’s thoughts and strategies with auctions this year? Stock pile 2/3 round bounce back candidates?! - TYHilton -Evans -Aj -Julio
  10. I figured I would start this thread out.. I’m in a 12 team PPR Auction $200 KEEP 2 Mike Thomas-15 (saints) Kareem Hunt -$23 tyreek hill -$11 Deshaun Watson-$6 or do I trade for Lev Bell for $49
  11. Lookin to revive this thread.. looking for opinions.. 12 team ppr auction keeper.. keep 2 mike Thomas-$15 hunt-$23 watson-$6 tyreek -$11 keenan -$33 or trade for Bell $49 or zeke for $44 Ready... Go!