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  1. i might be totally wrong, but arent stress fractures caused by... "stress"? meaning their own body, not necessarily trauma like a hit by pitch?
  2. At his ADP, youre not losing much taking a risk on him.
  3. Yes, and for good reason.
  4. so is this guy playing today? My season is on the line man!
  5. Big fan of this guy, I think he will return top 50 value this year building on his impressive rookie season
  6. He didnt miss by much. My takeaway from that video is how smooth and easy his delivery is and how effortless 99 is for him
  7. THIS! I dont care if you dont want to play here. Just sign somewhere else and end our misery!!!!
  8. probably a bit extreme. but yeah, going to SF would crush his value (wouldnt be a second round player to me)
  9. why wouldnt they just stretch him out in AAA?
  10. it aint that bad, im sure philly would love to get bryce on a three year deal. Yeah, it gives the player more power but in the end, the opt-outs actually dont turn out to bad for the teams
  11. can see an argument for taking him at 3. But yeah, he should be a bargain given his current ADP.